• Basic makeup tips for brunettes

Basic makeup tips for brunettes

Here we are going to give a series of tips and tricks for makeup if you're brown hair and if your skin is brown. Ideas and tips to get a makeup looking as natural as highlighting the best of your features and your color.


When your hair is very dark almost better highlight away from dark eyebrows and eyeliner very dark and thick, much better and more natural to add a touch powders brown or gray eyebrows curve to mark its shape.

If you tend to have dark circles and your skin is dark steer clear of concealers because all you do is more noticeable. Instead use a lipstick or reddish lipstick and apply on the dark tone of dark circles to counter the color. Just a few taps and then apply your base to achieve a uniform color.


In your cheeks, usually in dark skin, are great blushers or blush with reddish base, avoid the pastel roses and draw near to the reddish colors, yes, apply it so that it is natural and intone with the rest.

For the rest of the face we suggest you apply a translucent powder to disguise the imperfections, unify the color and remains a very natural makeup.

If you want to see more beauty tips and makeup BEAUTY visit our section or click here.

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