• All you need to know about how to protect your hair

All you need to know about how to protect your hair

This spring looks spectacular hair without spend on expensive products. Here you go 5 tips, which experts say have a radiant and hair contest:
1. Rinse your hair with cold water. This trick serves not only to your hair, also for your body, then finish your bath with cold water immediately active circulation. Also remember that hot water damages the scalp and leave your hair dry and dull. So when rinsed with cold water, you make cuticles sealed, and your hair is shiny and silky. As an added tip you say that some experts also accelerates hair growth.

2. Beware the dryer use. As much as you protect your hair, if all the time you use the dryer and iron, end up mistreating. To have a healthy mane is recommended that you do not use these devices every day and let your hair rest as much as possible or at least on weekends.
3. Change each you can your shampoo and conditioner. This is a tip that many stylists recommend to prevent your hair is opaque. Change of conditioner and shampoo every time you're finished product, because this will make what gives you certain brand alternates with what gives you another.

4. Take care of the sun. The sun's rays not only damage the skin; also your hair, so if this spring want to look spectacular mane, remember to put special products to protect, cover your head with caps or hats, and do not expose your hair to the sun's rays from 11 am to 4 pm. With these simple tricks you can avoid damage this season.
5. Manage stress. It is proved that the nerves and stress, especially in the big cities can make you drop your hair, or at least become dry and brittle. It is important to try to relax, eat healthy and avoid anything that disturbs you as much as possible.

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