• 6 beauty tips for your lips

6 beauty tips for your lips

You want to look perfect lips? With the cold our lips suffer more than usual, we cut more easily and we leave these anti aesthetic pielecillas. You know what we talk about and even if you leave your lips pintándote you follow? Well, take note! Because today we bring you 10 tips to care for your lips and make them ideal.

1. Moisturize your lips. This is the basic beauty routine for our lips, so make sure you always carry a moisturizing lipstick or gloss to them always hydrated. If you hydrate your body or your face, why not do the same with the lips?

2. Exfoliates. For those who already have very cut lips and lips have pielecitas this step is a must. You can use a specific lip scrub or use the toothbrush to exfoliate but insensate. After hidrátalos.

3. Choose the right color for you. Not everyone looks good on everyone and your lipstick color is no exception. To choose the one that best suits you have to look at the color of your skin if you are fair-skinned choose pinks and if you are rather dark, opt for red or orange.

4. Prepare the lips before be dressed up. No need to do every day, but on special occasions like if you go to a party or an appointment or just want the makeup will last longer. It uses a pre base or apply your makeup on the lips, you'll also get the color more uniform.

5. Team up the lip liner. To also go farther color can profile them with the same color you chose for your lips.

6. After paint your lips removes excess color. If you are the type who always stains from drinking glasses or you'll stain your teeth is because you apply too thickly. To avoid this you only have to press a scarf over your mouth when you take them you've painted and so will eliminate the excess color.

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