• How to avoid being late tips

How to avoid being late tips

Being unpunctual can be perceived as a lack of values, self-control, discipline and respect for people, be punctual does not require much effort, it is just a habit that few people come to dominate.

Some tips you should consider starting today:

1. Choose clothing in advance

We all know that we took a few minutes more in a matter of choosing the clothes, while the combine, we see that this is us and seek those accessories that give the same style of clothing, so leave it ready the night before then either alone bathe and dress without many laps.

2. Prepare the portfolio one day before

If you organize your wallet or purse one day before you add everything you need for the next day, without you miss anything and is much faster because, at the time of leaving home does not have to be searched for keys, cell, purse, much less be walking around the house to see that you are missing.

3. Bathe the night before

Give it a good bath before going to sleep facilitates your punctuality every day better, to take a bath at night have more time to shave your legs, fix your hair and deal all those touches your body badly needs to look like it should be. The next day before leaving you only have to shower quickly and everything will be ready in just minutes.

4. Late when dating your friends half an hour before

If you are already a punctual person, surely you will has to bother much wait for several minutes so, cites these people arriving late half an hour earlier so that when you get to the meeting point are so close that neither wait long.

5. Always have a reminder

If you are a person that you always forget things, it is time to put an end to your lateness so always keep a reminder, that will prevent that you overlook an appointment and remember when the person calls you to warn that going and coming to where they plan to be.

6. Check Google Maps

If the first time you go to a place you must have at least one guide which are the points closer to the site where you came, looking at different applications an orientation to get faster without having to miss and give many laps.

7. Add 15 minutes at your watch

On closer you left the place where you're going, neck you can walk with the exact time because you do not know you obstacles you may find along the way, either a line for a shock on the road, a delay in the subway or any or anything else that you would expect to find.

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