• 10 Basic tips for the care of your hair

10 Basic tips for the care of your hair

Hair is one of the most striking parts of the female anatomy, is that there is nothing that captivates more than a girl with a healthy, shiny and well kept hair.
Sometimes we spent whole days running, and we are not aware of those little details that endanger the lives of our hair. So we created a short list of very simple and foolproof tips to make your hair look like a modern diva.

Farewell to the heatwave

Many are lovers of the dryer, but remember, when you use it tries to avoid the hottest option offered, as this is more harmful than you think. Especially if later you think applying more heat with another tool, such as an iron or clip curls.

Drying basic course

As we know that can not fail to use the dryer, we will give you an extra tip about it. When you dry your hair this way, try to keep the dryer about fifteen or twenty centimeters of your hair, so air will flow and your hair will not suffer much.

The length gives more work

When you have long hair you should take into account that there is nothing better than to cut your tips regularly, and also apply hydrating treatments on them every two or three days to always look perfect.

Forget the bad

Believe it or not, stress, smoking and poor diet also affect how your hair looks. Quiérelo and take care of him as much as the rest of your body.

Finesse is the key

Your hair is made up of thousands of fragile hair that deserve love and understanding, so you should treat it carefully. Use brushes with soft, natural bristles least mistreat your hair when brushing daily.

Beware moisture

Hair is more fragile when wet, so you should pay extra attention when styling. Ideally it when it has dried a bit to avoid it breaks more easily.

Fight frizz

When you finish your shower, spray your hair with cold water. This will help seal the cuticles and make it more difficult for moisture between.

Attention plates

If you are addicted to this Planer tool, remember to apply some protective product to your hair for the care of the intense heat that is about to endure.

Volume increases

There is nothing worse than a sad and flat hair on your head. Give back the wave to your hair by applying some ideal to generate volume spray. Use it at the root when hair is already dry, apply some heat to the dryer and then brush it to your liking ... Taran! glamorous hair in a trice.

The Oil is your best friend

One of the most important moments for your hair is washed, so you better use specially designed products to moisturize and nourish the most of each of your hair. What is the ideal for this product? The new line Sedal Oil Hydrate!
Compound with honey and wheat germ, and enriched with argan oil and almonds, Fishing Line Oil Moisture cleanse, hydrate and soften your hair like no other product on the market. The shampoo and conditioner that make up this exquisite line of Sedal are specially designed to restore life to dry, brittle and dull hair. It is also formulated with a UV filter, ideal for creating a barrier around each fiber of your hair, to prevent the penetration of ultraviolet rays and all damages they cause.

Ready! You're ready to have a single hair, that reflects the best of you.
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