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7 tips to look eyes with a perfect outlined

When I was a novice in the art outlined, I saw a bus passing delineating his eyes on the move! While I had to resort to various tricks to achieve a fairly approvable line, she was chair of how to make a perfect, despite the speed of the driver.

But practice makes perfect, and I learned finally managed to reconcile with liquid eyeliners, which are the most employment; although I also used gel, pencil and down. So if you can not dominate your pulse, do not worry, there are several tricks that can help you.

1. Line the upper eyelid down your mirror and looking down: it is a very basic advice, but will expose thereby your upper eyelid completely and can more wordy delineated, especially if you prefer a thin line.

2. Make short strokes: even if you feel safe to make a continuous line, this method will help you get the result you want. And remember do it gently to avoid irritation.

3. Make an intern to fill your upper lashes outlined: Do you have few lashes and do not like fake? Then this technique, also known as Tightline, you'll love. The idea is that traces a fine line between your lashes, to pretend to be the basis of these and remain more defined. Even if you want a natural look, this tip is ideal.

In the following video you will learn how to do it. It is in English, but the explanation is very graphic:

4. Draw a line with the pencil and then apply the liquid eyeliner: handle a pencil outlined is simpler to use a liquid product. But if you prefer the latter to highlight the color, and pulse not upon you, the pen stroke will guide you.

5. Keep sharp pencil tip: If you do not have one retractable, it is important that you take this step. Not only you will achieve more precisely delineated, but also will prevent the wood rubbing irritates your skin. In addition I recommend having a pencil sharpener emplees only for this function and you avoid the cutter or be careful if you occupy, because wood can be chipped.

6. Use a spoon to achieve a perfect cat eye: its handle and oval shape will make it a good guide to help you with that outlined, especially if you can not do it freehand.

Now, if this method does not convince much, there are other alternatives. For example, use index cards and tape, as we see below. But keep in mind that if you choose the latter, you must remove excess adhesive to avoid damaging your skin.

7. Apply white eyeliner across the water bottom line: this tip does not have to do with improving the pulse, but as a suggestion, if your eyes are small or just want to give light to your eyes, pearly white or delineates shall a good element in your cosmetics.

Do you use any of these techniques? Which is your favorite? Remember that there are several reviews of eyeliners that might interest you, as this brand Urban Decay and Catrice this Eyeliner Pen in idBelleza.

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