• The combination of fashion and 3D printing (video)

The combination of fashion and 3D printing (video)

Fashion Week 2016 in Paris, an unusual parade surprised by their creativity and staging, it is the Lucid collection of Dutch designer Iris Van Herpen, pioneered the use of 3D printing on the catwalk. A collection full of technology that elevates the state of the art creativity thanks to 3D printing.

"There is talk separately art or science, it is taking inspiration from different fields and move them to my work," says Iris van Herpen.

With a visual game in which nothing is what it seems, 5,000 pieces printed in 3D make a dress itself a science fiction movie.

But this is not the only case in which 3D printing assails the world of fashion to give a new dimension.

Within the 3D printed fashion, we have so many examples like the proposal posed Xuberance a Chinese design studio based in Shanghai specializing in the manufacture of printed dresses bride in 3D, using polyamide as the main material for its creation.

And it is that 3D printing is going strong in the world of fashion, where we can see renowned firms such as Swarovski, flirting with additive manufacturing technology to make creations like a garment consisting of more than 12,000 crystals signature crimped in a suit manufactured by laser sintering technology.

In the following video we can see the queen of burlesque Dita Von Teese, wearing the design Bitonti New York architect and designer, creator of this fabulous work of art.

But creating an attractive and different design is not the only function that can meet the print and 3D fashion, we have such as Nitzan Kish, a young art student and Israeli design, which has created 3D a series of modular suits manufactured by printing whose function is an effect of self-defense against possible attacks.

The idea emerged as a social criticism to the level of sexual harassment that women suffer in their country.

A step further is given by technological designers who have decided to use the flexibility of printing in three dimensions to include within it electronic components that enhance the experience of a dress to the interaction with it.

One example is the work done by the interactive design studio BB.LAB.

BB.LAB is a design studio focused on the development of the tissues of the future. His philosophy is to get the textile world to become the next platform to interact with the digital world, from virtual reality technology and mobile computing.

"We are eliminating another layer between humans and computers, creating a new interface that is invisible, touch and intuitive. Innovation is housed in the yarns and woven patterns as well as embedded sensors "

Among his works, we can find clothes that monitor our vital signs while analyzing the air we breathe or connect to wifi points, and even access our mood measure.

Among other applications integrating wearable technology with 3D printing, we can find the marquetin recently used by the automotive company Audi.

Along with the 3D fashion designer Anouk Wipprecht, conducted an interactive collection for the presentation of a new model, with a staging more than unusual, communicating directly with the car these dresses.

As always, to find examples of these very advanced applications of 3D technology, no need to go far, because recently it has released the first collection of printed 3D fashion, 100% at home, without relying on industrial technology as in the previous cases.

And this is thanks to, Danit Peleg, an Israeli young man, after shuffling different options, chose the 3D printer Witbox, the Spanish company BQ Spanish technology, and as material, FilaFlex, developed by our friend Ignacio Garcia, CEO Recreus company specializing in flexible filament.

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