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6 Tips to choose the best credit card

Credit cards well used can be an excellent ally or large bail-outs, but we can choose them, so here a few tips to choose the right which is suits better for you.

To prevent the financial crisis, the firm enlisted some signs to be consulted before choosing a card, such as interest rates, credit limit, rewards program, annuity, penalties and service.

Credit limit

It is important to avoid those credit lines that evaporate in a trip to the supermarket. Therefore, "do not lose sight that if your credit is low, it is safest to seek another card to expand."

Interest rate

For example, there are products that are promoted at ATMs where you only need to press a button to get the plastic. Think twice because "Having a credit card so easily only means one thing: a rate as high interest scare the very Superman" believes in a report.


Having a card is like entering a club so it is advisable to analyze the advantages and disadvantages and find the give discounts or points.


Before hiring must ask how is this payment as there are institutions that do not charge but instead ask a number of operations per month.

The service

It is possible that a person may be exempt from the five previous signals, but when dialing the phone have to wait more than 30 minutes to make a clarification or solve a problem, it is better to look for other options.


These are the penalties for delayed one day a payment, which creates financial pressures. Therefore, it is suggested to review the famous "fine print" to contemplate retirement fees, extra charges and any other punishment.

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