• How to overcome the fear of starting a new relationship

How to overcome the fear of starting a new relationship

Want partner but do not get rid of the fear by past relationships? Love is one of the best feelings and one of the best feelings we enjoy living beings, and although it is true that there are times when love can finish and ended up suffering from this failed relationship, it is no less true that later or later we will present a new opportunity to enjoy it again. However, there are times when you start a new relationship gives us vertigo and much fear of a possible new failure.

To overcome our fear of starting a new relationship, the first thing we have to do is to identify exactly what we fear, and then deal with those specific fears. The most common fears are fear of failure again, fear of abandonment, fear of losing our freedom or our identity, fear of rejection.

As we say, when we identify which of those fears is, or even other types we have not mentioned, we must learn to face them. For example, fear of rejection can be solved by knowing a person slowly to make sure we will not be rejected. So does the fear of abandonment or fail again in a relationship and we trust that all will be well and learn to overcome situations when they do not go as well as expected. Fear is overcome by opposing, if we hide in our lair not live the experiences that deep desire.

When starting a new relationship, also we tend to fear the unknown, new conflicts, new sensations. Each person is different and every relationship is different, so not everyone likes to do the same activities or the same things you angry, and therefore should not be synonymous with our new relationship will not function. We just have to learn to adapt to the new person and go slowly discovering things they like and those without.

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