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Tips for a varied and rich meal at School

The boys back to school and need to maintain a varied and nutritious diet. Here are some tips to help you plan the lunch box every day.

With the return of classes becomes routine and the need for kids to eat varied, rich and healthy even away from home. Many make up three of the four daily meals in school and is very important to send food to cover all energy needs, they are original and tasty.

It is important to consider the variety of food because the more varied the diet of children, the more easily can meet the needs of energy and nutrients. Common foods are divided into five groups (cereals and legumes, vegetables and fruits, meat and eggs, dairy products and their derivatives, and fats, only vegetable such as oils, nuts and seeds), the idea is to try to include in each meat different products covering between 4 and 5 of them.

5 examples of healthy and simple viands:

-Breaded Baked with mixed mash (potato, pumpkin, milk and butter). Pear.
-Cheese Courgettes (mass, zucchini, eggs and cheese). Banana.
-Chicken-rice (rice, chicken and various vegetables). Fruit salad.
-Burgers Home with carrot salad and corn. Chocolate dessert.
-Gnocchi Semolina Neapolitan (with a slice of cheese and tomato). Orange segments.

Breakfast and snacks:

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. As the rise we are fasting for several hours, it is necessary to replenish energy. An ideal breakfast should include dairy products, cereals and fruits, and it is always preferable to avoid processed foods like cookies, snacks, soda, juice drinks and alfajores, as they are more fat and fewer nutrients provided.

Examples of breakfast to take to school:

-A Banana with caramel
-A Yogurt with cereal
-A Mix of dried fruit + fruit juice
-A Tuna sandwich with lettuce and tomato
-A Cheese and tomato sandwich
-A Bran bread toast with butter and fresh fruit + fruit juice
-A Cereal bar + fruit juice
Two vanilla + chocolate milk (preferably if you send in a thermos one that you have prepared without much cocoa and skim milk)
-A Portion of sponge cake + -A chocolate milk yogurt and banana into pieces to incorporate
-Pochoclo + Unsweetened chocolate milk

How to carry pottage?

- Have a thermal container to hold and transport pottage
- To keep the cold fresh food placed in the conservative meat cold, which can be purchased or made at home using a container (bottle, vial, etc.) with frozen water or freezing directly drink that will lead to take (a lunch will be thawed and cold to drink)
If the food is hot you can be placed in a thermos. To keep the temperature even better before placing food fill the thermos with boiling water, leave for a few minutes and remove just before entering the preparation
When meat is incorporated into the lunch box check that is cooked (no red parts)
No make preparations include raw egg as homemade mayonnaise or some kind of dessert
-Ensure That the containers used to transport food are clean
-The meat should keep the temperature as much as possible, so it is convenient to place, never near windows to the sun or near heaters in a cool place and try to open it as little as possible
-The Fresh foods that have not been eaten at lunch should be discarded
-at Come home from school, clean the container used to transport the lunch box and have it ready for the next day.

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