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5 tips to have satisfied customers

Consumers are not the same as before, met the challenges it brings this evolution in the relationship with them.
Currently, consumers have more information at their fingertips, they are stronger, intelligent and self-sufficient than ever, which represents a major challenge for companies looking to meet their expectations and earn their trust.

To help decipher this link, Zendesk, a company that offers a cloud-based platform to provide better customer service, presents 5 things that every company should consider to build strong relationships with consumers:

1. Go ahead to the problems

Build a loyal long-term relationship and requires constant communication, and in the field of business this is no different. Today, companies must build communication mechanisms that reveal the views of consumers as soon as possible to improve their experience. "This transformation is like going to buy flowers once, to buy seeds and plant a paying attention to detail garden, "says Gabriele Famous, vice president of product marketing Zendesk.

2. Your customers are your best promoters

Keep your happy consumers may be the most effective way to attract new customers, what is known as a positive effect on the economy of the 'promoter' as these to feel valued and cared for will not hesitate to recommend your brand. So, integrate customer service with the products and experiences they receive, can be reflected in the growth of your company.

3. Contact your customers where they are

When you have a problem with a product or service, call and listen to an extensive menu delivered by a robot is quite annoying. Today customers need to feel that they can contact you immediately and there is no reason not to respond to their complaints, because according to data from the Mexican Institute of Teleservices, we have a proliferation of contact channels and devices through which you can communicate with the customer, from the use of social networks to deploying mobile applications.

4. Empower your team

Because today consumers are more informed and have greater access to answers on the Internet, far gone are the days when sales agents or customer had all the elements to be able to solve their demands through a square script and immovable. Today it is essential to give them all the tools to communicate with the customer at the same level and achieve a more human interaction as qualifies Famous:  "You need to give them the freedom to act as individuals, not to be rigid, so they can make a real connection with the client".

5. Provides answers immediately

The quality most valued customers is the speed and efficiency with which companies address their demands, to the extent that 70% of them expect the website incorporates a mechanism of self to answer your questions immediately, a reality particularly important for new generations of buyers. Even, according to the same Mexican Institute of Teleservice, 2020 between 70% and 80% are self-service interactions. But how can companies join this trend? A good start is the addition of frequently asked questions on the website or conducting tutorials that explain step by step how to use a particular product.

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