• Black Friday - Tips for buying and how not to fall for scams

Black Friday - Tips for buying and how not to fall for scams

American shopping event can also be availed from Chile, considering some important aspects. Among the most requested, they are technology, clothing, footwear and toys.

The Black Friday shopping event can be exploited not only in the US In Chile, there are different options for purchasing products online simple, quickly and safely, and with more luck than the Creole Cyber ​​Monday, where prices are often inflated, bogus offers and problems in purchasing and office reported.

According to eShopex service boxes, many Chileans take advantage of discounts up to 80%. Only last year the company was billed $ 2 million, and an increase of 20% is expected for Friday. This, "due to increased consumer awareness of how and where to buy abroad, and also take the interest of good deals to buy Christmas gifts at low prices," says Raimundo Martinez, general manager of eShopex.

According eShopex, Chilean consumer takes on average ten times a year shopping around $ 100. "It's a very good international buyer. You know where and what offers are worth buying. We have customers that are mechanical, they buy spare parts on eBay, to more sophisticated clients who bring Apple Watch when it first was launched in the US, "added Martinez.

Alejandro Perez, general manager eShopex, indicates that the products more orders historically in Chile relate to technology. "Music players, iPad, iPhone, high-end phones and accessories are also in great demand exclusive brands, so costly arriving in the country, considering also that what arrives in Chile are past collections, with limited sizes. "

Also, Perez says regarding trends that are out of the ordinary, as requested are "geek items and collections of figures like Star Wars, The Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones and Marvel", while on the side of men vs women, both require exclusivity ". brands such as GAP Brands, Forever21, Aeropostale, Victoria's Secret, Old Navy, JC Penny and American Eagle Men prefer women electronics and buy more accessories like watches, handbags and bijou".

That is, 40% of the purchases are related to technology and 30% with clothing and footwear, while 20% are toys.

Tips and tricks

As for buying tips, Alejandro Perez indicates that if you are thinking about Christmas, it is best to do so before December 10 to ensure the arrival of the product. If in doubt, companies that bring products from outside have free consulting services, where an executive can provide guidance and guidance and advice every step to make purchases.

However, there are other "tricks" as do small orders. When you buy books or movies, for example, the idea is to try to divide it into more than one shipping costs less than $ 30, for under that price is tax exempt.

There are also companies as part of Black Friday, offered free shipping for everyone, if the order exceeds a certain amount. Here it is what should agree with friends or family, to make several one order, to spend little, and reap the rewards together.

Of course, shipments eye with free or very cheap, as they are the most slow to arrive, which means waiting until more than a month and being unable to follow through a "tracking number".

A good option is the official site of Black Friday where you can have access to online offerings and detail of each product.

What should not buy? Food or medicines, for example, as treatments for adelgazar- require authorization and review of Health Seremi customs, making the process more complex.

Beware padlock and "https"

Finally, one of the common advice given to a safe purchase is to make sure the website address begins with "https", where the "s" indicator "secure" with a small padlock. But this is not entirely true. Although it is a method used to verify that the site has appropriate security measures, they have been numerous cases of imitation of this protocol, so it is best to look at the bottom bar to see where the link will lead.

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