• A few tips for success in your life

A few tips for success in your life

Success would think that is a gift that shows people who manage to succeed in life, and consequently many of us aspire to be successful in various areas of our lives. While there is no recipe to reach success, if there are any indicators or routines that productive people do so then we share some of them.

People who have triumphed appreciates your time is limited and very valuable so they seek to maximize every hour of your day, use their time wisely.

The success goes hand in hand with your mental and physical health, which is also related to sleep and rituals you perform before sleep, adding routines awakening. Studies of the NSF (National Sleep Foundation in the US) compared the lack of sleep and its effects with those caused by excess alcohol with all the risks that this entails; slow your responsiveness, low alert system and analytical ability and judgment as well as the risk of accidents.

Things before sleep that productive people do

Read a book, because we know that people who read, and it shows that not too. Cebes and take care of your body take care of your mind, your spirit. Reading before bed helps you to "go shutting down" the body and brain, disconnecting a bit of reality and the day to sleep better.

It is recommended not to be in electronic devices like tablets, mobile phones or computers, among others, as many people often have an addiction to social networks and general internet so you lose a lot of time surfing.

It is said that some people such as the President of the United States, Barack Obama, is given some time to write and read before bed, enjoy a quiet dinner, live with the family.

Truly successful people do nothing related to work just before sleep, understand and assume that already worked all day so needed and even more, which is why they have no need to revise obsessively email, and they try, even if it costs a lot of effort, not to think about work-related issues.

Michael Woodward, Ph.D., organizational psychologist and author of "The plan," quote: "The last thing you need is to be lying in bed thinking about an email you just read your boss who can not sleep ".

According to the National Sleep Foundation (National Sleep Foundation) 95% of people use any electronic device before bedtime which generates trouble sleeping and doing so for fewer hours than necessary.

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