• 7 tips to open your sexual chakra

7 tips to open your sexual chakra

In the chakras celestial energies from the universe are channeled. All human beings have seven such centers that fill life or energy our body but this time will only explain you how to open your sexual chakra to achieve physical and spiritual balance as a couple.

According to the HuffPost Voces, the chakra can be opened with reiki, meditation and asanas; however, in the case of sexual and basic chakras open with the participation of the couple at the time of sex; It should be done with infinite patience and with every intention of satisfying generously to the other. So you learn to do that, then you are seven tips:

 1. Basic Chakra: This relates to the land and the reproductive organs. In women it is between the anus opening and the beginning of the vagina, from back to front; whereas in men it is located between the anus and the birth of the penis. Try to encourage them gently.

2. Sexual Chakra: It is found in both men and women between the navel and the pubis. It is the creativity and life force, so it is essential for good sexual relationship. When you stimulate a candle lit orange, which is the characteristic color of this energy center.

3. Use reiki: Put your hands on the sexual chakra to open. This will control the temperature, so that the energy force will reach the hands from the shoulders.

4. Open it with a partner: The movements must be delicate, because it should not be the slightest violence between them. Man has the ability to stimulate the chakra of women with slight touches of hand to locate and then can complete the movement with his penis, getting your own excitement.

 5. Resists orgasm: By encouraging safe sex chakra increase arousal; however, try to hold orgasm to become sex in an act of total fulfillment both physical and spiritual.

 6. Make some asanas: Yoga poses are basic to open this kind of chakra. Sit on the bed or on the floor in the lotus position, with legs intertwined and naked pubis, touching. In this position and with many caresses and good meditation, you get to high levels of pleasure.

 7. enjoy: The sexual chakra or lumbrosaco, it opens creating something or doing good sex. It's an interesting choice of a delicious intimate contact.

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