• 5 Basic Tips to successfully buy clothes online

5 Basic Tips to successfully buy clothes online

In the network there are several forms of payment to purchase products, this time we present the advice provided by PayPal.

More and more people live the experience of shopping on the Internet, especially when getting fashionable clothes is all about. As confirmed by a recent study by IDC at the request of PayPal, in which respondents stated that clothing is one of the main products purchased by such means. Research also indicates that this segment is preferred by almost all ages, both the Z and X Generation, as millennials.

While buying online it has many benefits, such as saving time and money, get the outfit that really meets your expectations can become a headache to get what you did not request or worse, if never comes. That is why PayPal gives you five essential tips for your clothing purchases over the Internet a success and you become the most experienced e-shopper:

1. Identify the total costs

Not all that glitters is gold. Make sure it incredibly cheap indeed what it is. Some online stores do not include shipping prices among its first steps of purchase; Be especially careful when buying abroad as some shops do not itemize or charge import taxes, which must pay on delivery. So double check and investigate that effect the cost is complete, and preferably buy in stores known for their reliability, such as those that use PayPal as payment.

2. Look at delivery times

This is critical if the garment or accessory to acquire already intended for use in a specific event, a birthday, graduation, interview, etc. Some websites have express shipments at a higher cost if the item is required urgently. However, there is always that possibility, there are cases where the shipment can take longer than three months if you made your purchase in a store that ships its products from across the world.

In many cases, clothing stores offer the possibility to pay online and pick up the garment in the nearest physical store, this is useful if you can not wait for delivery. Examples of brands such facilities are Liverpool with Click & Collect service, and El Palacio de Hierro with Pick up in store. If you choose standard shipping, please note that the deadline can be extended and that it is best to give monitoring the movement of your purchase with the tracking code.

3. Know sizes Store

Measure your chest, waist, hips and feet so you have a reference and search page trade the "Size Guide" that allows you to determine the appropriate size of the garment for that brand. At some countries, have a manual of this type, landed the complexion of women. This is very important, because sometimes the clothes acquired in Europe, the United States or eastern countries, may be too big or too small for Latin American users. Moreover, there are clothes like underwear or bathing suits that for hygiene reasons can not return, so it is worth taking time to compare sizes or even consult in forums comments about other buyers.

4. Protect your purchase

The "Murphy's Law" applies to multiple moments of life, and e-commerce is not exempt. If the shirt came from another color order, the size was incorrect or the dress was tattered, customers deserve the right garment or their money back in full. The easiest way is to realize purchases select PayPal as a payment method, providing security Buyer Protection Program *, whose coverage has a duration of 180 days after making the payment.

5. Pay attention to the fine print

To reinforce the previous point, do not let the enthusiasm to realize the transaction, forget you know what you do if you want to return the product, change it or get a refund. Therefore, you should read carefully the trade policies and answer your questions BEFORE you click "Pay".

Some companies, offer return service free of charge, only must leave the article in the branch nearest Post office, or request to be picked up at your home. In the case of Zara, you can request a change in a physical store for another product in stock (paying the difference in value if they have different prices). For other businesses that do not have something equivalent, PayPal has a Service Reimbursement * Return that reintegrates what the consumer has spent on transport for worth up to $ 500 in the return of national and international purchases which they have been acquired with this method of payment.

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