• Year-end trends - Fashion And Technology Hotels

Year-end trends - Fashion And Technology Hotels

Technological factors might be overlooked in the decision when choosing a hotel, since we tend to be more concerned with the comfort and entertainment offered. However, the technology becomes a key factor that most guests consider when choosing a hotel.

Given that connectivity remains an expensive service in an environment of "roaming" is a clear need for hotels to worry about connectivity services, to offer an unforgettable experience to its customers - mostly foreigners - that They want to share these memorable moments with your family and friends on social networks and the Internet.

In this reality, the technology factor is not limited to Internet access service, but also to the numerous services of data network, which can provide the basis for guests to have memorable experiences and enrich your stay at the hotel. The WiFi network is no longer a source of direct revenue as connectivity service hotel, it is the technological basis for dipping. Let us not to share photos of our travels in social networks for WiFi, but think a little beyond what it would have a technological experience and staff from the moment of check-in.

Countless times I have enraged at having to get to the hotel after a tiring journey in economy class, and run into a huge row in front and not have my room available. It would be a dream for anyone open an application on the smartphone and proceed to check-in on the way from the airport to the hotel. In addition to saving time, it is possible that the front desk staff know the exact location of the host through GPS smartphone integrated into the application, and can estimate the time of arrival to provide a personalized welcome service. Once installed in the room, the guest becomes a potential customer to hire new services. At this time, why not offer a "eConcierge" service through the host device itself ?. Would not it be more convenient and comfortable down an application on your tablet to make a reservation at a restaurant or request massage service, while queries your emails?

According to data SmartBrief, major US research organization, 45% of guests traveling with two devices and 40% with three or more. This trend leads hotels to offer services that can be consulted and engaged through its own devices following the explosion of "BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)".

If you are connected, these monitored! This means that while you are connected to the hotel network, your device can determine your exact location at all times of the day. If you like night sitting at the bar and by day in the pool, the Hotel know your location and preferences environments and services ... so, why not provide offers in this environment really bring satisfaction? This is part of a marketing strategy based on the movement of people in different areas of the Hotel. According Net-affinity marketing company focused on the hotel industry, one of the main trends in the sector for the coming years is the increase in the strategies of "experiential" marketing. Today's customers want to stay in hotels that know their preferences and desires, with loyalty through immersion in brands and product stories that generate enthusiasm and arouse their emotions.

Another point to be evaluated is the experience we have with the devices in the room. Instead of numerous menus and remote controls, why not centralize services in a single device ?. This is where the "Smart Guest Application", where through an intelligent IP phone the guest has control status as the "do not disturb" application comes, see what happens in the lobby for an IP camera, control the intensity of air conditioning, access the "room service" or simply make a call. Hotels like Beverly Hills and Bel Air Hotels, Los Angeles, and 45 Park Lane in London, already have this type of technology immersion.

In addition to centralize applications in the IP phone, another trend is to bring the room extension to your mobile. There is always the need to communicate with co-workers or family environments within the hotel. When it comes to a resort or convention center, the room is almost always uninhabited and therefore, the fourth extension is not used. Not to say, with this, you do not need to be located at any time of day, but it is a limiting factor in the big hotels. In this situation, the most suitable solution would be to take the room extension and lower your smartphone. The concept called "Mobile Soft-phone Guest" enables the user's Smartphone as an extension of your room. Simply put your Smartphone forward a "BarCode" the low Soft-phone and configures quickly and easily a 'Soft-phone "on it. With this application, you can be placed on "VoIP (Voice over IP)" and place calls from any environment. The concept of "Soft-phone" for the host is not limited to luxury resorts as hotels and Winn Hotel in Sweden use this application to reduce hotel telephony infrastructure and maximize use of WiFi.

Technology trends in the hotels are becoming more concrete time; proof of this was the feedback received following a series of events sponsored by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise this year in cities like Cancun, Bogota, Montevideo and Sao Paulo. In the interaction I had with the heads of technology and business experts from different hotel chains, I was clear concern about having technology to provide a memorable experience to guests, either in your business or vacation with your family.

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