• Tips - What really attracts men?

Tips - What really attracts men?

What really attracts men? Many can hurry and start giving some answers without much thought: a slender body, long legs, sexy dress, super show us vulnerable and emotional, a mysterious air ... and so on.

But beyond the typical, men not only look at the physical, there are also qualities of our personality that can prove highly attractive. These are things that any woman can have independently of the physical. It is not very hard to figure out, since they are usually direct and not hide what they like.

Everyone has their preferences, but there are attributes, behaviors, gestures and feminine traits they notice first.

1. THE POWER OF SMILE! The smile is one of the features that love and more men are fixed. The smile makes you more attractive, because it activates certain areas of the brain associated with satisfaction and reward. And if that smile you add the power of red, it's will return you simply irresistible! men find most attractive women smiling regularly.

2. FIND YOUR STYLE AND YOUR HAIR not neglect Your personal style is a feature that men notice at first glance. Dress well, combining clothes and give that feminine touch that we seek and that they both attracts you to a woman.

When buying clothes, do not get that HATH fashion. Looking more well something suitable to your body and personal style. Fashions come and go, but style remains.

A shiny, silky, healthy hair definitely attract the attention. They are attracted by the long, natural hair, because it is often associated with femininity.

3. generous and kind Boys also n are set on how we talk to the waiters, our mom, nephews, everyone around us. As women we are interested in being with a generous and kind person, they also want the same for your partner.

4. If accounts with the ability to truly listen, you become more attractive. Try to be emphatic not interrupt often and learn that they have a different process to assimilate things and make decisions.

For the yes men who like to talk, when they're facing someone who knows how to listen, it is sympathetic and intelligent, flexible and curious.

5. NATURAL AND LESS MAKEUP If you thought like you're makeup for the bachelor year ± or a hotel was the way to win his attention. They prefer women who are flirtatious, but they're massaged and subtly sexy way.

6. Conversation Issues. Although men are unfairly attributed the football and cars as conversation topics only ones actually have more things on my mind and like to be with a woman, to share and know what to respond at all times. A woman wordlessly let the impressive and manages to capture their attention.

7. DO YOU LAUGH Many men say that the sense of humor is the most important quality in a woman. Any public guy wants to be with a woman bored by it more beautiful. life, problems, but especially of tea itself. That's irresistible. Prove you're a person with good character and who appreciates things in perspective (and can not for the life of haughty and or helpless princess).

8. SENSITIVE Yes ?? Of course men are attracted to a sensitive woman, you can show your emotions. But if it's about to use as strategy your tears, recommend you do not! They discovered that men exposed to women's tears experience a reduction in sexual desire. Not want so such consequences!

Follow your intuition. That sixth sense is derided by many men. But if your intuition has proved a good guide in your life, do not let anyone mute. That inner voice that "knows" is a gift ... that as many men would like to own.

Let out your sweetness. Some women are naturally sweet. But many others, nowadays, have confused the strong being with become hard. And the hardness not like men because they know from experience that is no more than a hiding vulnerability. They like to see that are sensitive, you have heart, feelings and still more if it is to them.

You see girls, there are many qualities available, that men value in a woman, and it is best that not only make us more attractive but also are things that make us more valuable as a woman. They are things that also serve us ourselves, for the good of our soul, our mind and heart.

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