• Tips to recover after training

Tips to recover after training

Before training, Hydrate, does stretching exercises and take supplements rich in protein and carbohydrates.

For more routines, repetitions, sets, marathons, weights and cardio you make without a good recovery, it will be useless because the results you try you're never waiting for will arrive.

Everything must be commensurate with the exercise you practice, you need to accelerate your recuperative process sleeping at least 8 hours.

After spending power the least you can do for your body is to attribute nutrients that help regenerate muscle fibers, it is important to know that the muscle repair process starts from the moment you conclude the last series of the routine, so you should compensate your body with protein supplements, rest well and have a healthy diet.

Recent studies show that branched chain amino acids (BCAA) taken before strenuous exercise, slows the effects of feeling tired, besides reducing muscle discomfort and protein degradation.

Another benefit that gives us this amino acid is cortisol released by the body during training is less with supplementation, this is due to decreased breakdown of muscle fibers, making a bigger way resilience.

Therefore, it is recommended that before training consume protein, and if you are someone who makes exercise more than 60 minutes, you need to take a supplement containing carbohydrates and protein to boost your performance and get greater gains in muscle tone.

The pros carbohydrate drink while exercising helps reduce cortisol by 23 percent compared to drinking plain water only.

The muscles after exercise are tired and hungry nutrient and automatically become sponges absorbing everything in its path, to repair its damage should consume foods or protein supplements made at the end of training to help with muscle regeneration.

Two weeks ago, the case of two weightlifters were given, where athletes who consumed protein supplements, recovered faster and your muscles gained strength during and after training.

In conclusion, the hours you spend your dream is the longest fasting period, so it is vital offset those hours without eating small doses of protein and carbohydrates of good quality, not always forget to consult a health care professional.

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