• Tips to look good without makeup

Tips to look good without makeup

Makeup is the best ally of every woman but we must also remember that the beauty products contain chemicals and substances that can damage our skin. Use is inevitable, but yes, we care for the way in which we use them.

Like everything in life, the excesses are always bad and makeup is no exception, can I use it daily Deterior much our skin and face, so it is important though that is, a day or two to rest our skin.

Exit without makeup may sound like one of the worst ideas, for that reason, today we give you some tips that can help improve the appearance of your skin and in turn avoid damage and premature aging by daily use of beauty products.

Exfoliate your skin: For a radiant, healthy skin is necessary to provide some care. One of the keys to a clean and healthy skin is to exfoliate dead skin cells so you can sport a fresh complexion.

Depending on your skin type exfoliate your face 2-3 times a week, you'll see how this will help you maintain a fresh, soft and radiant.
Moisturize your face: Like all our body hydration is very important, of course the face is no exception. Keep our skin moisturized face is essential to keep our face look dry and dull.

If we have exfoliate, with much more reason to moisturize as to remove dead cells and leave skin clean, moisture will regenerate our face and our skin is smoother. You need to choose the right cream for your skin type to avoid imperfections.

Looks pretty eyebrows: To see beautiful without a drop of makeup, eyebrows play an important role, they are under our eyes and it is therefore important to always have Super maintained.

They are the most distinctive features in our face. Take care not require much effort, all you need is to have them plucked according to your face and features. You can comb every day and at night a little Vaseline agregarles for growth and care.

Long eyelashes: Another element of the face that is paramount in female beauty, are the tabs.
For a longer without the help of a beauty product (mascara) eyelashes, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly on eyelashes, this will make you look longer and darker.

You can also help a curly eyelashes, but do not put them anything, remember this is just to highlight them even more.
At night you can put a layer of Vaseline to help your growth, you will see how little by little they are getting denser.

Healthy lips: If you're trying to look good without makeup, you should not neglect the lips. To have a healthy mouth you should exfoliate even once a week.
Combine a teaspoon of sugar with a little honey with the tip of your fingers, massage gently in circular motions to remove all the dead cells.

Use a lip balm with sunscreen to keep them soft, shiny and hydrated.
Smile commercial: Add a beautiful face and a cute lips is a white smile.
Whitening your teeth is an extra trick to look beautiful without makeup. For this you can go to the dentist once or twice a year for a whitening.

Avoid foods and drinks that leave stains such as coffee, wine, cola, etc. And also used, whitening strips, whitening toothpastes and whitening mouthwash effect but remember avoid drinks referred to see the result.

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