• Tips to improve your Wi-Fi signal

Tips to improve your Wi-Fi signal

The main problems of a home wireless network are related to interference, obstacles and the distance between the router and the rooms where you want to be covered, because the farther the lower the speed and quality of connection.

When internet is slow recurrently position is recommended to change the router. These devices are not very nice so many people prefer to hide in places little visible but precisely this could be interfering with good signal emission.

The router works with waves, such as radio or cell phone, which causes any obstacles such as curtains, books or doors, can interfere with their coverage. Ideally is exposed, in a central location of the house or, even better, and whenever possible, mounted on the roof.

When the wireless access point is not located in the center of the house it is likely that the distribution of the signal does not reach everywhere. It is also good to know that some devices such as cordless phones, microwaves and mirrors interfere with the mission signal, so it is suggested not to place the router near these.

To increase the connection speed is convenient to change the radio frequency channel that the router operates. Most works in the 2.4GHz band, which is the same as using other devices such as keyboard, computer mice, radios and microwave that can be saturating the connection.

To change the channel should only enter the router settings. Enter the router IP address in the URL of the web browser, then enter the channel control option and select a less saturated as 1, 6 or 11 channel.

Dual-band routers work best in the 5 GHz frequency that is faster and has more frequency channels to choose from. If the user does not know what is the most suitable frequency for use should only download Wi-Fi Analyzer, an application for Android operating systems shows which channels are using each router and suggests the best to use.

If, despite this, problems persist, it is time to acquire a more modern router and the latest in connectivity. The best performing teams are Wi-Fi compatible AC, a technology that began arriving in 2012 and promises better coverage and speed, thanks to this that connects to the radio frequency 5GHz.

This type of routers provides multiple channels of simultaneous communication that works on different computers, PC, laptop, cell phones, tablets and even televisions Smart TV.

Place a key to Wi-Fi is useful when improving service. To establish it should only enter the router configuration and block access.

If the connection is slow, you may need to use a signal amplifier that increases the coverage and capacity. Its installation is to place the equipment in a home where the signal arrives and ready, it replicates.

All these options help improve wireless service, it is only a matter of daring to implement some of these recommendations at home.

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