• Tips to find the ideal sandal according to your type of leg

Tips to find the ideal sandal according to your type of leg

Consider the size and shape of your legs and feet is essential when buying shoes that fit you well.

Summer is the perfect opportunity to show off your legs and feet. Sandals are the perfect frame for them, but with so many models on the market can be difficult to find one that fits you perfectly.

Note that the most important thing is to consider the shape of your legs and feet, if they are thin or thick and its size. With that in mind, we also recommend going out to buy shoes in the afternoon because in the morning the feet are often slightly swollen.

Here are some other recommendations for choosing the ideal sandal for you.

1. Feet and thin calves

- To you any kind of sandal you do well but are more flattering tied to the ankle with a strong color that give more volume.

- If you have narrow feet and short, the platforms will help you show it.

- Horizontal stripes will make your feet look wider.

- Sandals that mix a color and have thick straps are ideal for a night out. Use them with skirts or dresses above the knee.

2. Feet and thick calves

- Prefers heeled sandals with thin tip stylized figure.

- The nude tones give a feeling lengthen legs so use them. Other colors to consider are black, white, orange and earth tones.

- Flat sandals low or intermediate platform have lost. Like the mule shoe, covering the foot and expose the tip and the end of the foot.

- The peep toes will make your feet look narrower and lengthen your legs if you wear earth tones.

- Avoid thick heel gladiator type and very high flatbed.

3. Depending on the size of your feet

- If you have long closed sandals you choose to make them look smaller.

- If you have short feet, flip flop models create the opposite effect.

- If you have short legs and feet, wears sandals or wedge heel that resemble your skin tone to create a single block of color and reveal more leggy.

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