• Tips to avoid debt on vacation

Tips to avoid debt on vacation

To avoid indebtedness to pressure family finances in these Easter holidays is essential to make a planning expenses and stick to the budget.

To enjoy the holiday without jeopardizing the financial health must follow some tips:

Planning is a basic rule.
Develop a budget.
Consider all inclusive packages.
Use credit properly.
Avoid touching the savings is not intended for that purpose.

The expert explained: "It is possible that between the bustle of daily life and work and no time to properly plan the vacation is taken. However, it is advisable not to make a hasty decision and last time. "

The Federal Consumer Protection Agency recommends planning a vacation with time and develop a budget to know how much money will be allocated to the various expenses that involve leaving on vacation.

    "Keep in mind everything that can generate an expense, from the moment you leave your house and return as transport, both to reach the destination as to move the same, food, lodging, entrance fees to parks or centers fun and souvenirs."

6 things you should not forget

1. With new applications for mobile devices is possible to calculate the cost of gasoline and stands for a road trip. This way you can decide whether it is more to drive or use other means of transport.

2. Internet Searchers travel packages are also a great ally when making a decision on budget.

3. Consider outside the country can generate additional costs in servicing mobile and data telephony, which also represents an extra expense to be taken into account.

4. The executive added that a good choice for these Easter holidays are the all-inclusive packages, which, depending on the provider, payment may include lodging, meals and transportation to return destination from airports or terminals buses.

Now, if the budget allows, you can take packages that include local transportation and access to entertainment centers, theaters or parks.

5. On the contrary, if the budget is not enough for all the expenses are covered by these days off, you may be able to use any credit option, such as a credit card or a loan from a financial institution .

If so, you should know how much your payments will be made, the time and how much amount the total debt, adding interest.

In the case of credit cards, the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Financial Services Users is publicly available digital tools that provide insight into the Total Annual Cost and fees of your cards.

6. Avoid using savings than for the Easter holidays, which could be very tempted. "If that was not the purpose of these savings, it is advisable not to use, especially if it is part of your retirement fund or some other long-term investment."

    "Sometimes it can it be very difficult to resist the urge to take the savings, you can even get to consider to be replenished later or see it as an 'investment for your fun or rest', but to be honest, hardly again will replace that money and that can affect your financial health in the medium and long term."

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