• Tips to adopt the Millennial Marketing

Tips to adopt the Millennial Marketing

With a power consumption of nearly 2 trillion dollars, millennials are one of the most important demographic in terms of digital marketing. This makes them key players that should not be neglected, but, having its own language of communication and tastes and interest are not always engage the bulk of the population, it is important to understand perfectly the details of millennial marketing.

Millennial marketing or how you get these guys?

The first thing to understand is that the millennials hate advertising. The scheduled content, commercials, ads, anything that smells or looks remotely paid with the idea of ​​selling something is what you despise. So, far from disguising a commercial and otherwise, the ideal move would be that they will come to the scheduled content. An example of how this is accomplished is with the content Snapchat curing works, through whom all here and all reproduction comes directly from the user's will, because it is something you want to see. Nothing intrusion means a positive attitude by millennials and some in the millennial marketing imperative.

Then comes the idea of ​​giving something in return. The millennials are recognized for being Entitled people, this means that they are entitled to something. If you return them you their time and attention in the form of promotions, discounts or benefits, then it will be much easier to want to give them to you without hesitation. For this, direct communication is vital, as we millennials prefer something that create personalized and not what most can get; they are treated as individuals and not as a demographic.

You have to keep in mind that millennials are leaving the desktop and increasingly mobile adoption is inevitable for everyone who wants to participate in the millennial marketing. Geo-location tools, notifications and other tools of mobile devices are resources to consider when you want to lead people who do not release their mobile devices throughout the day and, even more, they are taking wearable technology such as watches, systems telemetry and others.

Finally, the millennial marketing focuses heavily on authenticity. The more honest and authentic look your message more accessible millennials will appear. The millennial marketing differs from traditional marketing in the sense that this demographic considers that advertisers are selling lies, while what they seek is transparency, honesty and authenticity. If you show passion creativity and dedication on your digital proposal, values ​​representative of the millennial generation will not have problems accessing them.

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