• Tips for the puppy grows with good character

Tips for the puppy grows with good character

No dog is bad or aggressive, so that conditions have bad behaviors is their education and their life experiences. While it is true that there is influence of genetics for being an energetic dog with character, this has to assume that the dog is bad when I grow up. This requires knowing guidelines give the puppy to grow with good character.

Our puppy is a dog that is learning how the world is and how it can relate to it. So give education so important in the early months. If we do the right thing during this stage it will be much easier in the long run educate the dog.

The type of education is very important. Many educators have realized that the best is positive when the dog learns to do things reinforcement. It has been found that in classical conditioning an aversive stimulus produces only a defensive response. That is, if you do not want to bite something, and we hit it when you do that, the dog will only be defensive and represses.

Use the awards is the best option, because that will relate a situation with something good. Useful for all, so they know face the worst fears, or to learn to come when we call them, because they are motivated by the prize. It will be a good experience for them.

They should play but you have to set limits. All makes us grace a puppy who gets angry or biting things, but not so funny if he does when he is older and can hurt. So the limits are needed. If you look at older dogs when they are with puppies, they put limits when these are exceeded in the game. What must we.

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