• Tips for sparkling clean bathroom (video)

Tips for sparkling clean bathroom (video)

Putting hand on heart, we must recognize that cleaning the bathroom is not the task of the most favorite home ... However, whether we like it or not, the toilet the toilet and the bathtub should be constant, to prevent bacteria and harmful microorganisms health accumulate at home.

That last! You will find a very simple and effective way to clean bath items. In a jiffy, this unpleasant chore will be an accomplished fact ... Try and see!

    To effectively clean your toothbrush, leave it in a glass with vinegar for an hour and a half. You can also add a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid. Your brush will be like new!
    Sponge bath is an excellent tool to remove dirt from the skin. For that reason you need constant cleaning, otherwise it will be a real breeding ground for germs. To avoid this, place, occasionally, in a solution of hot water and vinegar (1: 1).
    The razor and blades are essential elements of personal hygiene should always be clean. To avoid skin irritation, clean these items regularly with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol. Also, always keep them in a dry state.
    Who has not spent working with cleaning the toilet brush? A very effective way is to disinfect with alcohol and leave for 8-10 minutes under the toilet seat. Then, rinse well under running water.
    The majority of people have never thought about cleaning the toilet plunger, and very wrong! Just apply a few drops of alcohol, and then rinse it with running water.

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