• Tips for exercising at home

Tips for exercising at home

Walking, jogging, crunches or squats are some options for exercise without apparatus.

During the holiday season it is common to stop exercising and eating in large quantities because "it's only once a year," however, this can have consequences that can last several months of the following year.
To prevent weight gain and health care, you should eat a balanced and moderate, and make some kind of physical activity.
While it is true that for the holidays, parties or commitments are difficult to go to the gym, this does not mean it is impossible to exercise ourselves and we can do it in house quickly and in different ways.
At this, the coach Ruy Jorge Correa, in an interview to Your Doctor indicates that exercise ourselves is really simple and you do not need to go to a gym or equipment.
"Just walking, jogging or running. If there is not an appropriate place, in which a yogi do one step in the same place, is enough, "he said
About the time that must be practiced physical activity, the trainer recommends at least three hours a week and if you can not, try to do an hour one day if the other does not.
It also indicates that it is important to check the calorie intake, because usually in these times, consume up to twice the required.
 "On average they consume between 10, 000 and 10, 500 calories a week, so if you want something to eat high-calorie, it is recommended to add these calories to your daily intake and decrease the previous day, plus that should he eat healthier the next few days, "he said.
In order that you exercise even while on vacation and you lose the kilos gained at Christmas, the coach gives some tips for exercise without leaving your home.
• Make 20 minutes muscle exercises, 30 minutes of cardio and 10 minutes of heating.
• To warm up, begin stretching the neck up and down the sides. Subsequently, shoulders, back, arms, hands, waist and legs.
• Squats are one of the most common exercises to perform. To increase the intensity, you can use water bottles one or more liters like dumbbells.
• The lizards are another good option. In the case of women, it should be placed on the knees and do pushups, whereas men only rely on his arms.
• Jump rope or a yogi to step for 30 minutes, however, you should not push if you can not stand this time, especially at the beginning where you do 5 or 10 minutes. It is recommended to increase the time as the days go.
• If you want to reaffirm the belly and burn fat, you should do crunches. In addition to these benefits, will help speed up your metabolism and increase your daily caloric intake.
One important thing to mention is that the instructor exercises should be made until the person and not implemented endurance series, such as five series with 10 repetitions, as it varies the weight, age and condition you have.

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