• Tips for Buying Online Safely

Tips for Buying Online Safely

Buying through internet has many advantages but, like most things, carries risks. Follow these tips so you do not fall victim to fraud.

Buying through internet has many advantages, among these, the convenience of shopping from home and any comment, compare prices from several places at once and especially that prices are usually cheaper. Before venturing out on your (probably) first purchase, check these tips so you go not to fall into fraud.

1. Use a Wi-Fi or secure Internet connection

Use only connections are secure. Networks without a password (usually in parks, bars, cafes or shops) often gather information from connected devices. Information packets transmitted over public connections can be caught easily by hackers.

2. Keep your computer updated and protected

Online shopping is one of the processes in which more personal and dangerous information transfer. For this reason, before starting to make sure you have buy your insurance, updated and have equipment installed a good antivirus.

3. Buy-known websites and reputable

Through the infinity of the network, we could reach remote and unknown sites that are (usually) unreliable. Make sure the site URL matches the site where it should be and that your address begin with http. Avoid theft and phishing.

4. Find and review the Privacy Policy and Returns

Before buying from an online store checks that have their privacy policy in a conspicuous place and current. You know what you have to do if your purchase is wrong? How can you return it? These are also aspects to consider when choosing where to buy.

5. Give only the personal data necessary

If you wonder you ask any personal data (mobile, family name, place of birth ...) to make the purchase, do not do it and check that you are in the right place.

6. Avoid post links and ads

There is a rule in the Internet that must be followed as a creed. If the offer is too good then it must be a fraud. In special dates mails with great deals abound and are not necessarily true. You could be a victim of Phishing.

7. Revised movements of your credit card

After making several purchases online, check all charges on your account are known and have controlled. If you find any suspicious, contact your bank, you may have been a victim of identity theft.

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