Six years of flamenco fashion online

Claudia Alfaro is one of the best known bloggers. It makes their own publishing model and has even marched in Simof
More than six and a half years with the flamenco fashion blog Between candles and flyers. Claudia Alfaro of Dos Hermanas, is 32 years old and can not imagine his life if he is not surrounded by flyers. What started as a necessity has become an online space for the entire lover of flamenco dresses.
Beyond chronic, Claudia commitment editorials making model, tutorials and interviews seeking to explore every detail of the designs and trends of the season. The interview in peak season just ended We love flamenco and already looking forward to the arrival of Simof and gateway Jerez, among others ... And she has a lot to say.

What motivated you to make start your blog?
When searching the internet for information about flamenco fashion was not what I wanted, so there was little online information or it was based on models or celebrities who were dressed in flamenco show or a parade. I wanted something else. He loved flamenco fashion and wanted to devote myself to her somehow. But for that you need different skills to those who offered me internet. I started going to shows, enter the shops, and even learned to sew flamenco costumes made for other girls so why not go telling all that he learned through a blog? At that time among candles and flyers it became my escape route to personal situations he was living, a way of expressing feelings through flyers, a way to entertain myself for "not thinking" that gave me life. The comments and questions of my followers made me investigate and bring my views of collections, trends and styles that was inquiring.

What kind of content can we find him?
Since chronic daily parades, interviews, editorials flamenco fashion showing the work of designers in which I who stands in front of the camera, video tutorials, tips for dressing flamenco, trends in both supplements and tissues, suits or outfits, I talk about the history of flamenco fashion, I try to make posts that address specific questions that make me reach my fans and, of course, try shelling much of the collections of Flemish fashion designers presented in the various gateways.

What it does flamenco fashion that makes it special?
Everything. It is the beauty of women dressed in the only regional costume that is fashion. International firms look proposals flamenco fashion designers and some, like Galliano, do not forget they have come to Seville to Lina teach him to make a flyer. It is a taste for feminine beauty, the color, how to play with each tissue, complement, flowers and even shoes. I always say that flamenco is like a bride just that, fortunately, we repeat each year. Flamenco fashion is fashion. And designers are two things you should never forget. One, whose name is "fashion" but name 'Flemish'. And two, create and innovate does not mean to disguise or mamarrachadas, as Cristina Garcia says, "aesthetics of what is objectively beautiful must prevail." The beauty and fun is to be every day a different flamenco.

What does a flyer for you?
Joy, life, feeling, emotional ups and downs, the twists and turns of life, algarabío, purity and even tradition.
Remember your first flamenco dress ... And the last?
The first round still my home. White, polka dot pink embroidered strips, long sleeved pink carnation and shawl. A classic. The last or rather, the last (the fair are fair, pilgrimage, pilgrimage) have been one orange damask with round neckline and guipure applications by the body and the back of the collection "Kallisté" of Sanchez Murube 2015 and another Sonia & Isabelle also collection 2015 printed with black sleeves, chest and back in black lace. And pilgrimage, the last was Cecilia Alcantara, dusty pink skirt with polka dots in green and white top, all covered with white and bodkins embroidered straps.

How would you define your style of flamenco?
I do not have a definite style, I only have hobbies that I like to hide or highlight parts as I like many other girls. The same thing I get to wear a modern dress, different from those that make people turn and look at you, as happened to me with Cristina Garcia who had not understood it was lingerie, of tirantas and transparency, it same walk through the Real de la Feria with a flamenco dress with ruffles and embroidery Lina classics. That's the fun and nice to be every day a different flamenco.

How do you live the arrival of the season of parades in which we are engaged?
Almost no time to breathe but the best of the year. Previous nerves, doubts and dreams, new ideas and, of course, intrigue see each collection, each proposal. In my case, I go to all the shows, I do, select and edit my own photos and videos ground and always have the support of the designers. They know me well and know that my criticisms are always constructive because I firmly believe that, throw on the floor a collection is simply stab the flamenco fashion. Things could be corrected and there is always something good in a collection. It is worthless without hard or critical argue or reason what is said.

What are the most followed trends in flamenco fashion in 2016?
Moles and moles. We come from a 2015 full of prints and polka dots and smooth reign 2016. gypsy flamenco essence is sought, the 50s Now women also sensual flamenco is why not say so? comodona. Gores open more high waists, lace of all kinds, tulle to play with transparencies and make more fresh and light dresses. They have to bring something to the flamenco fashion, something that when people see it recognized designer.

What should have a collection of flamenco fashion to call your attention?
A collection is a whole. Starting sewing and choice of fabrics to a good pattern, design, creativity, styling and ending with the choice of music should have a parade. Do not leave anything to chance. Always think that everyone has the ability to make beautiful costumes flamenco, that's easy, but everyone has the ability to be a designer. For that we must bring something to the flamenco fashion. A steering wheel, texture, pattern, cut, something that when people see recognize the name of the designer. All flywheels not "walk" or move the same.

What are the flamenco fashion designers to not to lose track (of younger or new) and to which we must always respect for his great work as a reference?
It is clear that young people like Ana Morón, Cristina Garcia, Javier García and Javier Jimenez are names that are playing a lot in recent years by innovative and different bets that bring us every year. We hope their shows and collections with gusto and know that they will not leave us indifferent. Murube Sanchez, Juan Boleco, Camacho and Antonio Gutierrez Rios are doing interesting things in flamenco fashion, give it a fresh and innovative leading away from the shawl and boring canastero are opening a gap and hopefully be able to maintain.
But there are classics that never die and continue to provide and how it should be taught everything surrounding ancient, pure flamenco that, in essence, a pilgrimage or race as Lina, Pepe Jimenez Ajolí, Amparo Macia, Design Workshop, Pitusa Gasul, Raquel Terán or Manuela Macías. Furthermore 2016 is the year of the young and not lose sight of Jose Hidalgo, Pedro Bejar, María de Gracia or Andrew Pocrid. You have to see how they evolve each of its kind in the coming years and whether they'll just be shooting stars or the flamenco fashion reference in the following years.

Is flamenco fashion blogger a native species of Andalusian digital world?
In my opinion, yes. This does not prevent anyone from outside to investigate, learn from all this world and write about flamenco fashion but this is something else. I would be unable, much to study, to speak of Fallas or lagarteranas because I always missing something that is not studied or learned. Outside Andalusia, sometimes, it is not well known what the difference between flamenco and flamenco, there is much ignorance in this regard and that has not been our fault. We have not managed to convey what a woman flamenco and we are now trying to get the "flamenco fashion" concept is understood. Some still see us off to the lunar painted on the lip, on snail hair and comb acetate colors. They think flamenco dress is dress up or simply put the costume sold in souvenir shops. This being so, how will they speak from outside of everything that involves the flamenco fashion?

How many visits receives Among candles and fliers?
I only speak of flamenco fashion so the blog visits varies according to whether or not we seasonally. Among candles and fliers' has almost eight million total visits per day, out of season, it may be around the 1,000-1,500 visits. As they approach the runways up to 3,000 visits and longer, tucked seething flamenco fashion, between 7000-13000 visits depending on whether or not the public interest and the readers on the topic in the post treatment. Of course I have had days of 12,000 visits a controversial post and others have reached the 30,000 visits in one day.

How have you been living their growth and evolution?
It is growing daily. I've never done a contest or sweepstakes to win followers and the best thing is that my followers are also reader. Not only do I like to photograph. Obviously, the first time you are stopped on the street and ask you a photo, you stay overwhelmed. And if you already happen to me as my husband and I said when they wanted to introduce "I already know you, you are the blog" directly and not know where to put you. But it certainly is exciting to see more and more people trust you and follow you, comment, share and discuss what you publish. If I propose clear that would design flamenco dresses.

What do you do well you take your blog?
I graduated in Law and Expert Community Manager for the Chamber of Commerce of Seville. I manage social networks of different companies, I have Masters Class, I have worked in newspapers, radio and local television, I worked as a model in catalogs, and now, well, I'm with Sonia & Isabelle in his shop in central Seville.

What made it special has happened to you through your blog?
Uff. Many things. Since the award for Best Fashion Blog Seville in 2013, through the editorials and catalogs to the support of my fans in difficult times or as the happiest in my wedding. It is gratifying to see how a designer takes a coffee with you, calls you to congratulate you on a post you have written, wants your opinion on his previous looks forward to your collection or chronic. Curiously Lina stop you in the street and tell you you paint your lips, Cristina García left you to explain your collection of novel, which tells you Design Workshop itself two seconds to explain you want to do an editorial than ever before you had done or Sonia & Isabelle you ask for them in Simof parade. I do not know, six and a half given for many special moments with candles Between and flyers.

Many bloggers have taken to collaborate with designers or design ... What's on your mind?
If I propose Sure why not? And many call me to help them in various aspects of the design of a suit or collection. There with whom I went to buy fabrics, other I have seen the outfits for the parade and have even presented collections exclusively in between candles and fliers and have even asked me to try them because the mannequin not see all that well . Sometimes dull, believe that they are going head or deviate from an initial idea and come to me because they know I'm objective and analyze what are you showing me the greatest of criteria and if I have to say I think that wrong on something, they know I'm going to reason why. In the end I'm all day talking with potential clients, I know what they are willing to buy. After I make case or not it is up to them but sometimes a second opinion is not an evil person. It would not be the first time I give some ideas neckline, steering wheel or combination of fabrics. If I propose to design a mini collection suit or would though no designer should believe me, for me, that is another thing. As I always say, do not be afraid of anything, respect for all.

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