• Six tips to protect children from cyber criminals

Six tips to protect children from cyber criminals

Today, electronic devices have become the new nannies, but out of the consequences that this could lead to development or health, something relevant to consider is the issue of cyber security.

IT security company Fortinet notes that cyber criminals have more complex tactics, and for children it is difficult to tell when a dangerous situation exists, but if actions are taken can provide the necessary security to small when they are online.

Therefore, the firm recommends some actions to protect children from cyber criminals:

1. Ensure that devices using minors have the same or higher level of protection than their elders, and should give them a different one should be at home and not in public places.

2. Perform constant updates on devices using small and avoid interacting with those who use parents to work or where they store critical information.

3. Ensure home network with a strong password and be the parents who give access to the child, rather than share with them the password.

4. Educate the children in cyber security issues and monitor them constantly, as well as communicate and include other relatives, parents, teachers, siblings and friends in this task of cyber security.

5. Check the web camera and make sure it is disconnected when not necessary to use, for which there are attachments that cover the camera and show only when necessary.

6. Check the settings of the social networks of small and privacy; avoid using applications within them, because the risk is that who will guard the information will now be a third party, not the social network itself.

The company refers to a study by Common Sense Media, which revealed that 75 percent of children under eight years in the United States have access to some form of mobile home, and in Latin America the trend is also going to rise.

Another study, by the research firm Childwise, showed that infants of five to 16 years old spend an average of 6.5 hours a day using computers, phones, tablets or other digital device.

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