• Six Factors that influence to have a stunning legs

Six Factors that influence to have a stunning legs

The dresses are indispensable during the spring and so the care of our legs becomes essential because this season they have the main role of our outfit.

Raymundo Pérez Uribe, an expert in the care of legs says:

"The health and aesthetics of our legs depends on our lifestyle, if a person spends many hours working sitting or standing will end in 35% of cases, having some sort of problem venous"

So here are six tips, so you have excellent care of your legs.

1. Food:

Food is an important for all aspects of our health factor, so it is important that fruits and vegetables contain fiber and antioxidants, which also provide vitamins and minerals to the body and thus contribute to the movement of the legs are consumed.

2. Exercise:

Varicose veins are one of the most common problems in women, to prevent this disease, exercise and cardiovascular activities such as; running, dancing or swimming are helpful.

3. Moisturize legs:

Hydrate and moisturize your legs constantly, besides drinking water will help your skin does not look dry and brittle.

4. Weight:

Your body weight affects the appearance of your legs, being overweight can generate pressure in the veins and thereby cause the appearance of varicose veins.

5. Use of heels:

Almost mandatory in the wardrobe element, but using too much can seriously affect the position of the calf, especially when they are very high. It is best to use a low heel and maintain better circulation in the legs.

6. Size of clothing:

Use sizes too tight especially in areas of the waist or legs, can severely affect the circulation in your legs, you better find the right size to avoid difficulties.

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