• Simple tricks to decorate a small bedroom

Simple tricks to decorate a small bedroom

The current buildings are becoming smaller, so you can make more housing and builders make more money.
But far from impoverishing the decor, ingenuity has increased as the square meters were cut. Thus we have seen design apartments in 30 meters or how the kitchen part of the room. Here are some tips for decorating a small bedroom space to maximum advantage.
Colors: White should be the most recurrent in the decorations. The ideal is to paint the walls of this tone to make light and clarity. Currently on the market are paintings that help us to better reflect light and airy feel to be much higher.
If we do not like white or very sober us, we can play with stripes. Whether the paint as if the wallpaper used in knowing that we always have to have clear colors. Also, while horizontal visually widen the room, the vertical raise ceilings.
Soil: The soil should always be the same throughout the room, as this helps us make sense of homogeneity and enhance the sense of continuity. Although we have different heights in the room it is important to respect the soil.
Furnishings: The trundle bed (with storage) is one of the essential points in our room. In this space we can save space, for example, all the bedding and towels.
If you truly have very little space or room is integrated into the rest of the room, we can choose beds or futons sofas. At the same time, it is best to separate it from the rest with a glass panel or a screen not to cut the passage of light.
The furniture is also being adapted to new needs. Every day is easier to find tables or night light or comfortable closer to not occupy much space. Also, each time you choose to avoid the classic model of two tables looking for more creative solutions.
Finally, the closet or closet becomes the main part regarding order. Before designing ours we think about our needs and the kind of clothes we have. Currently, the range of equipment to save space is very broad.
Office furniture: You can locate on the headboard of the bed (or as a headboard). In them you can put books, objects need to have on hand or even a gooseneck clamp to provide an additional point of light. Shelves are a great idea to have extra surface.
Mirrors: Mirrors are always suited to enhance the space and light. In the bedroom we can put them on the wall or the headboard comfortable simulating a toilet.
Textiles: The light is always important in decoration, but in the case of a small bedroom is much more important. Therefore we must use light fabrics that allow the passage of light or screen.
It is best to be bound by a white base and coloring through smaller details such as pillows or blanket at the foot of the bed.
Daylighting Like light colors, natural lighting helps a stay seem larger. Try to maximize daylight hours, letting light pass with curtains for the room is brighter and wider look.
There are many small rooms even have windows, and then there are tricks to decorate. Logically, you can not enhance the natural light, so they must focus on the artificial. It is essential to put a table lamp and a ceiling, another stand is optional if there is room for it. You can use warm light during the day and cold at night.

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