• Percentage of smartphones using 4G LTE

Percentage of smartphones using 4G LTE

Of the 6.05 million smart phones (smartphones) with internet access to October of this management, 12.11% (733,000) has the 4G LTE technology, which enables browsing speed of their customers rise up to "10 times" regarding 3G.

The Authority for the Regulation and Control of Telecommunications and Transport (ATT) told La Razon that until October this year there are approximately 733,000 cell phones that access the 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology.

On November 29, this newspaper published, according to data provided by the telephone company Entel, NuevaTel (Live) and Telecel (Tigo), of which 6.05 million smartphones have internet service. The figure represents 57.6% of the 10.5 million registered in the country, according to data from the National Statistics Institute (INE) mobile devices.

Meanwhile, ATT said to June this year, in response to a questionnaire sent by this means that the number of smart phones with access to the network is 3,945,946, almost 36 times more than in 2011 (110,711) .

The regulator said this means that the LTE technology is a network that provides wireless broadband at a cost and better performance to that obtained with xDSL technologies -set technologies which give high bandwidth to allow a flow of as high-speed data while maintaining mobility in internet applications such as Internet telephony (VoIP), streaming video, music downloads, mobile TV and others.

These technical specifications are based on international standards issued by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) as the ATT.

The regulator said that one of the main features of 4G LTE technology is the increased speed internet access. With connection, the download speed is 326.5 megabits per second (Mbps) for 4x4 antennas, antennas 2X2 172.8 Mbps and upload speed is 86.5 Mbps.

The company explained that in Bolivia down the maximum average speed as high as 46 Mbps and 16 Mbps considering the three operators that provide the technology. He added that these speeds depend on the plans contracted by users.

Difference. The ATT said that "the difference between 3G and 4G network is that the latter is ten times faster, so the user can get more benefits such as access to high definition content."

The ATT specified that the 4G LTE technology compared to 3G provides a number of benefits through higher data transfer rate enables much faster access to multimedia content.

The manager of Communication and Corporate Responsibility Tigo, Nadia Eid, said the 4G LTE is a technology that provide extreme speed mobile internet on smartphones, there is no charge for switching chip, plans and paquetigos have the same price in 3G and 4G LTE. "4G LTE services provide access to online content, without interruption, for its high speed and low latency."

Live phone company said the 4G LTE technology offering allows increased browsing speed internet and offers a high capacity data transmission. "LTE technology offers the possibility to experience navigation of up to ten times faster than 3G navigation allowing you to download high definition videos."

Service delivery

The Authority for the Regulation and Control of Telecommunications and Transport (ATT) said that Entel, Telecel and NuevaTel operators have the proper authorization to provide services of 4G LTE technology.

There are 345,711 users of 4G LTE in Tigo and Viva

The amount represents 47.16% of those using the technology

In October this year, Tigo and Viva phone together have 345,711 users who have mobile internet service with 4G LTE technology. The figure represents 47.16% of the 733,000 who use that technology.

The manager of Communication and Corporate Responsibility Tigo, Nadia Eid, reported that from July 2014 to October 2015 totaling more than 317,000 customers who sail with 4G LTE technology. The figure is 21.13% of the more than 1.5 million smartphones with Internet users and are Tigo services. The company has 3 million mobile phone users and internet.

Eid said the main barrier to access to 4G LTE internet service was the availability of suitable technology for smartphones. Therefore, he said Tigo achieved prices of smartphones and mass were lowered by its "Smartización Total".

"Today in Bolivia there LTE smartphones for less than Bs 1,000."

Live telephone said that since May 7 this year, when the service began offering LTE 4G Internet until October they accounted for 28,711 clients with technology.

The operator said that users subscribe to LTE service because higher speeds can browse and download information (documents, multimedia, etc.) in less time.

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