• Ozo - Virtual Reality Chamber Nokia

Ozo - Virtual Reality Chamber Nokia

For a long time Nokia was the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world, but is currently focusing its efforts on the development of telecommunications network equipment. And it was this week that the company has finally officially revealed the price and availability date of your new camera Ozo virtual reality VR. Of course, if you wish to purchase this device ready to throw the house out the window.

In an experiment carried out in Los Angeles yesterday event, Nokia announced that it has to start pre-selling the new Ozo, with a cost of $ 60,000. The first teams are starting to be delivered from the first quarter of 2016.

It was last July that the Finnish company unveiled this device. It is a virtual reality chamber has the ability to capture and transmit live video in 3D and 360 °. The Ozo is designed for 3D movies and virtual reality games where you can interact with the environment, and the company says that this equipment has been designed specifically for professional content producers, which in part explains its high price.

"We are witnessing the birth of an exciting new medium that will transform the way people connect with the stories, events and the world around them," he said in a statement Ramzi Haidamus, president of Nokia. Ozo technology equips eight sensors image, and eight microphones distributed in the spherical camera body, eliminating the need to capture videos from different perspectives separate and join them during the editing process for imaging at 360 ° .

The camera can also be operated wirelessly and remotely, and users can see what is being recorded in real time. Subsequently, the content can be played through virtual reality devices such as Oculus Rift and HoloLens of Microsoft.

Clearly Ozo is intended for film studios and production houses as the cost beyond the reach of most consumers and video enthusiasts. However Haidamus has confirmed to The Verge that Nokia wants this technology reaches the general public, so they offer the possibility of renting the camera, and are also planning to develop a model with a more affordable price.

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