• New Smart TV platform for games at 4K resolution

New Smart TV platform for games at 4K resolution

According to a number of studies from various universities and prestigious institutions around the world, it allows the user to play video games train the brain more flexible and react to new information more agile.

More and more users choose a Smart TV as an option for internet connected TV special programming functions of the same, providing entertainment for all the family members and the possibility to enjoy popular games like Asphalt 8, MinionRush, Sudoku, among others.

The market offers endless options. In this regard, Samsung has a premium television SUHD curved JS9000 series 55 and 65 inches. The picture quality is stunning, the colors are sharper and even superior to that of a conventional UHD quality. Any content on this screen may look like reality. No doubt the video game lovers can entertain themselves in an excellent display.

SUHD TVs Samsung model JS900 allow you to download up to 25 of the most famous games for smartphones and families to enjoy a fun entertainment option with a high quality picture, without having a game console. With SUHD TV, you will not miss a single detail of games and interactivity with the same by offering a crisp, clear image because it is a TV Samsung Ultra High Definition, ie, has 4 times the resolution a full HD. Now you can feel the difference in color and experience more lifelike images. Besides the UHD Upscaling technology it allows scaling the image regardless of the source of the video and bring it as close as possible to the UHD resolution.

The remastering SUHD engine analyzes the image and color it closer classified as possible to the source content. Thanks to this quality, entertainment with video games is more experiential to enjoy and share family moments. Significantly, Samsung makes these days the "Game Festival", an activity that connects all games have TVs Samsung Smart UHD and drives to play through them without requiring a console.

They can bring all outlets Lima and Provinces to test the games that have these TVs. Besides competitions will begin in major outlets from Saturday 27 February. Samsung drives to experience through technology in each of its devices. Therefore, in order to enhance the content and entertainment in their line of Smart UHD, the user has the ability to play with a compatible wireless gamepad and replacing the use of remote control in any of their games.

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