• Myths and curiosities fashion

Myths and curiosities fashion

Many of the clothes from her closet were not born for the role they currently have. Please refer to the history books and myths to know its origin.

It is said that the khaki color casual pants, also known as Chinese or khakis, came when an English commander who was in India devised staining with an earthy color to hide dirt wearing white pants.

The tie may have several origins, one dating from the time of the Romans, who were in their locker rooms army a kind of red stole neck. On the other hand, the mid-seventeenth century, King Louis XIV was fascinated by a white cloth tied around his neck with a knot in the form of pink that looked Croatian army troops during a parade. The king did not hesitate to include it in their wardrobe to be renamed tie in France.

Louis XIV is the protagonist of this story, for being small in stature, she asked him to design shoes with heels to look taller. There is also the myth that it was the ancient Egyptian butchers who devised a type of heel to avoid stepping on spilled blood on the ground. Another theory says that the pharaohs used them as a symbol of power and mentioned that Mongol horsemen used them to climb to the horses.

You've heard about the origin of the T-Shirt, theoretically whose name refers to the shape of your design and became popular after World War II to be part of the underwear of American soldiers. Also, the British his invention is allotted in the nineteenth century when the servants wore short and linen sleeveless shirts as a mandilón to serve tea because stains remaining infusion not be easily taken away, so the call Tea-shirts.

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