• Leadership And Optimism

Leadership And Optimism

It is not enough to lead us into account our feet of clay, the looming disaster. It is required to show a way out, trust is practicable and launch it with passion.

The concept of 'optimism' appears in many texts on leadership. It is surprising because although several authors see leadership in different ways, it seems that a common element is the necessary optimism leader. What does the leadership with optimism?

For general imaginary, intelligent, educated people are more 'skeptical'. There is nothing more prestigious than a scathing criticism, ruthless and, yes, pessimistic reality; Cassandras are acclaimed and counted deep. By contrast, the 'optimists' are taken for fools, sentimental, ignorant or simply cheeky looking for unsuspecting sellers.

Then why leadership partners optimism?

Optimism, according to the dictionary, is' propensity to see and judge things in its most favorable light. " Well understood, perhaps an optimistic yes you would be missing from most of reality and judgments would be biased. For example, to evaluate a project comes to an optimistic and a pessimistic scenario, which are not actual or potential; but if I had to bet on one we would be inclined, with reason, the pessimist.

However, the potential 'paradox' of an optimistic leadership in defining the optimism fades in a better way. Leopoldo Abbey describes it: "Optimism does not mean that nothing happens here, because what happens here is very serious; Optimism is to fight tooth and nail to get ahead in a concrete situation. "

Not so much to see "an opportunity in every problem" as of seeking a solution to every problem. Optimism is not refusing to see the reality, the problems and true reality but see it in all its splendor, and still struggle to find a way out.

Understood in this way, optimism is the inner strength that allows us to stay in the fight, but the reality seems invincible. In this way, it becomes the good habit of not being overcome by difficulties and deal with entrepreneurship. And as habit is, you can be consciously developed: it is not 'born', but becomes one optimistic, with effort, incidentally, because it looks whereas, although it is easier to be pessimistic, defeatist or 'objective'.

No wonder, then, that these optimists who do not expire and fight, (and not the others 'optimists' who deceive and only see the positive aspect), they are surrounded by followers. Who will want the company of a pessimist? Who will want to be led by someone who predicts even seems to seek the disaster, or a fearful that gives up without having begun the battle? Naturally, no one, neither wants to be led by a dreamer, for 'optimistic' that does not see the reality, or naive launches into a losing battle. We want someone who understands the harsh reality and yet it does not crash or get discouraged.

One role of the leader is to face the contradictions of our behavior. That is why, following Heifetz, the leaders are often persecuted, attacked and even killed. Uncomfortable, demanding people become that force us to confront our inconsistencies and, worse, require us to change. Sometimes we think it would be better not exist.

But it is not enough with this kind of leadership. It is not enough to lead us into account our feet of clay, the looming disaster. To be a leader you also show a way out, trust is practicable and launch it with passion, requires almost madly.

The summit of humanity works, amazing discoveries, the great inventions, large companies, have been made by these optimistic.

We need leaders optimistic and we can be if we strive for it.

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