• If you have to be more aggressive - do not apologize!

If you have to be more aggressive - do not apologize!

"If you want to get paid more, ask for it, and if you have to be more aggressive, be more aggressive and do not ask forgiveness." So outright Jennifer Lawrence is shown in an interview for the premiere of his film, "Joy".

The US, like Joy Mangano, his character in the film, holds its own struggle: to achieve equal pay between the actors and actresses of Hollywood universe.

For the young, this is an individual battle that depends on each woman, says Lawrence, who at 25 has already won an Oscar for "Silver Linings Playbook" and two other nominations, and two Golden Globe Award sucking again for "Joy".

A personal struggle that much about the character who embodies the film directed by David O. Russell, which is his third collaboration with him after "Silver Linings Playbook" and "American Hustle".

The similarities between Jennifer and Joy are many: both are independent and determined women who do not surrender to the first of change, although the common quality vehemently stressed the actress was "tenacity".

In the film, Lawrence has to deal with a troublesome father, a depressive mother and an ex-husband who still shares the ceiling to create the "Magical Mope" mop with an extendable head and fringed cotton.

Among the Golden Globe for "Best Comedy Actress" which is nominated for "Joy" or "Magical Mope" Kentucky actress is clear about what I would choose.

"I'll take mop, of course, because it is magical and could do anything with it. It could even be a weapon," he said while smiling.

Because, he says, in today's world can be a mother without giving up a career.

"For a long time the idea that to be a good father or a good mother you have to sacrifice everything, something that perhaps was true and so many people have gone, but fortunately times are changing it had" he said.

Christmas Day opens in the United States the true story of Joy Magnano, a divorced mother of three who revolutionized the market with its inventions for home and managed to found his own company in the United States.

Lawrence, known for her role in "The Hunger Games" series and "X-Men" remarked achieving Mangano and courage by jumping into the business world despite lugging behind with the daily problems of a dysfunctional family .

Lawrence is no stranger to the filmography of Russell nor in his circle of favorite actors, since it shares the bill again with Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro after doing so in "Silver Linings Playbook" (2012) and "American Hustle" (2013), both of New York director.

While waiting for his fourth Academy Award nomination, he faces criticism complain that get in the skin of women thirties with children, despite being still in their twenties.

"I do not think they're sexist comments -matizó- since David (O. Russell) makes the characters you want, tells the stories you want and call the players he wants and does not care about age."

The two hours of footage are filled with Latin characters, played among others by the Dominican Dascha Polando ("Orange Is the New Black") and Venezuelan Edgar Ramirez ("Zero Dark Thirty"), which pushed Lawrence to throw to speak Spanish.

"It was hard, I thought it would be easier and would only listen and repeat, but they were very patient with me," said the actress.

Lawrence recalled the script of the film that is currently writing the comic with her friend Amy Schumer ("Trainwreck"), in which both are sisters, and moved that, although there is still no release date, ruled that this is just a collaboration punctual. EFE

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