• How to maintain a healthy relationship?

How to maintain a healthy relationship?

A relationship involves more than just keep you company or spend leisure time. At the end the desire of every couple is living together in a healthy union and grow stronger with time. Here your date 6 tips to keep a relationship healthy and happy couple.

Learn to communicate: It is not the quantity but quality. Good communication requires both strive to express their thoughts and feelings appropriately, by listening to others with genuine interest.

The key is trust: Trust is earned from a few and if you are with someone who does not deserve it's best to end the relationship because we never get lead to maintain a balanced union.

The importance of tolerance and patience: There is nothing more exhausting for a relationship that constant desire of one party to make another change. It is very important to accept the other as it is and take a deep breath before creating a storm in a glass of water with small problems that do not deserve it.

Understanding: This task is vital for a healthy relationship. If we decided to go down the path of negative criticism, insults and psychological attacks on the self-esteem of the other, far from having a beautiful union will be incubating a troubled relationship that will not leave any good.

Respect: In any relationship is basic and respect when it comes to our partner more. You must create a link that even in moments of anger we dare to disrespect the other.

Having fun together and apart: In a healthy relationship both members get a space also to lead a social life where they can have fun with their environment together as a couple and also separated and it is necessary that everyone has a personal space without the other for maintain individuality.

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