• How to control your connected home from TV?

How to control your connected home from TV?

Samsung wants to finish the new year ahead, we will discover better at CES 2016. They are really interesting to meet the medium term of a company that wants to grow and become strong in the future new territories. Although in this announcement speak of TVs, we are really talking about the Internet of things.

We must go back to September of this year to know what is the sense that Samsung wanted to give his latest acquisition in this field: SmartThings. It is a platform that proposes how the devices remain connected home, and we can control from a central point (we can call hub). What if this point is the TV?

Samsung has decided that its new line of televisions, which we will teach at CES 2016, are the brains of the smart house inside. We could define the move as being compatible televisions SmartThings product line, which I talked about in your presentation.

Each of these TVs will be able to control other devices connected to the same network, for example, can turn on or off the light from the TV remote or full-screen view what is happening on our doorstep through a chamber security.

The interesting thing happens to include the core or hub SmartThings's own TV, this does not make us lack a device, and wherein said hub is priced at $ 99 in the United States. As you can see from the pictures, the new hardware does not seem to really be inside the TV, but added with a USB stick (they called Extend).

You can imagine more practical applications of this proposal. Applications have already been developed as 'Cinema Mood' which puts the lights and the sound of lounge like the movie will be displayed. We can also interpret that TV becomes a center of notifications, sensors alert warning us that we have at home.

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