• How to choose suitable sunglasses?

How to choose suitable sunglasses?

No woman can resist the exuberance of sunglasses. It is common to see them, then you observe carefully, you measure it practically pinup front of the mirror. Undoubtedly, choosing them can be complex and probably would spend a lot of time deciding what to do among many options.

To end this problem and reviewed by the portal Eme give you some recommendations for selecting the right glasses, with the objective that your face is favored:

- Type face

- Square: Choose pieces with oval or round frames are the best choice.

- Rounded: Opt for rectangular lenses, narrow and wide bottom up. ¿Circular Saddles? Never.

- Oval: It goes well with any type of lenses in different shapes, patterns and colors.

- Heart: The oval and round frames are the most favorable.

-size Nose

- Broad: Do not accomplices by the size of your nose, there are always solutions to improve and frame your face using various accessories, such as eyeglasses. In this case it is best to use those without metal frame.

- Long: Choose lenses with low bridge, this will make your nose look smaller. Use these models and creates the visual effect in a few seconds.

- Small and short: Select a lens from the wide program with metal frames but with high bridges. In this case, it will make your nose look bigger and seemingly longer. A little trick!

- Distance between eyes

- Separated Eyes: Large and rimless, are the characteristics that must have your lenses to reduce the distance between your eyes.

- Eyes too close together: Small. The intention of using lenses of this size is that your eyes are well focused.

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