• Google Play Games New Share Feature

Google Play Games New Share Feature

Twitch? Who needs it. Today, Google Play Games announced a new feature which will let you record and share your gameplay moments with others. No, it’s not for streaming hours of footage, it’s more for when you want to share yourself beating a level or getting a high score. You can then pop it onto YouTube Gaming to get those views and make that revenues.

Here’s what the team had to say:

    Today, we’re launching a new feature on the Google Play Games app that lets you easily record and share with others your own best gaming moments from your favorite mobile games.

    It’s simple. In the Play Games app, select any game you want to play, then tap the record button. You can capture your gameplay in 720p or 480p, and choose to add video of yourself and commentary via your device’s front facing camera and microphone. When you’re done recording, you can quickly edit and upload your video to YouTube.

This will be a nice addition for those of you flinging games to your TV with the new Chromecast. The video uploads to YouTube first, of course, and then you can share it on your social channel of choice.

Yup, so think of this as Twitch Light. YouTube says that 144 billion minutes of gaming videos and livestreams are watched on the platform, so any way they can come up with to get more content there is great for them. And for gamers.

The Android update for Google Play Games is rolling out over the next few days to the US and UK first.

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