• Will they be saved by the tech to the public coffers?

Will they be saved by the tech to the public coffers?

Technologies are using the Mobile World Congress to demand their economic contribution. This follows the report on business developments, presented at the MWC in Barcelona by GSMA, the organizer, which clarifies that the mobile industry contributed 430,000 million to public coffers in 2015.

The growth in revenue for the industry Mobile in the developed world has been fairly stable over the last six years, after the period of global economic recession. In 2015, however, the United States will suffer a decrease of 1.2% of this income, as explained in the study, "largely due to increased competition and challenging economic conditions in Canada and Australia". By contrast, European revenues are returning to growth, thanks to the "monetization of data consolidation and capacity converged operators to seize the property of fixed networks."

The "The Mobile Economy 2016" report says Brazil and Russia as two examples of countries that have 'abandon' the high growth in mobile development into recession in their economies. Furthermore, India and China together account for over 40% of mobile revenues in the developing world.

According to GSMA estimates, the direct and indirect contribution of operators and mobile ecosystem to global GDP in 2015 was 2.2%. Overall, taking into account direct and indirect impacts productivity and in 2015 the mobile industry generated $ 3.1 trillion to the world economy in aggregate economic heat, a contribution of 4.2% of GDP.

As for taxes, the companies of mobile industry contributed a total of 430,000 million dollars (390,000 million euros) to finance the government through the various types of taxes worldwide last year . A tax burden could increase ahead of 2020. Thus, the estimates of these experts predict growth of all taxes paid by the industry of 12.5% ​​to 480,000 million dollars (around 435,000 million euros).

As already shown, the mobile industry is a 'machine' insatiable generate jobs because their companies are constantly innovating, and therefore renewing and expanding its staff of engineers. The total number of direct and indirect jobs generated by the industry worldwide in 2015 was 32 million. Estimates of the bosses of the telcos is that number to increase by 12.5% ​​until 2020, then reaching a total of 36 million jobs.

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