• Why it is not a good idea to give pets for Christmas

Why it is not a good idea to give pets for Christmas

"Dad, Mom, I want a dog for Christmas." This is one of the gifts that each year asking children and not so young, for Christmas and Three Kings, a gift that is made and received with great enthusiasm but last few days of holidays families take real awareness, Now, of what it means to have a pet that over time can become a "burden" for them.

Dogs and cats are the most popular pets at this time but are most abandoned well. In fact, in Spain 250,000 pets each year come to leave. But most alarming is that about half of these came at the hands of its owners as a gift. It is for these reasons that since animalCLAN want to warn of the risks involved to see pets as gifts for children and adolescents and adults. "We can not buy getting carried away by an emotional boost an animal. Give it carries many risks, especially for him, "says Carmen Aguilar, head of communications for the company.

Many will order this year a new pet, because for most of them it is a playmate and in some cases the main source of emotional support, according to data collected by animalCLAN, who point out that "living with a pet not It is temporary and must ensure that our daily habits are compatible with their care. "

Since the protective ASPA (Socuellamina Association for Animal Protection) with which animalCLAN works, highlight the fact that some 400 dogs are abandoned daily in our country, 250,000 annually, a figure that places the country at number one in abandoned pets in Europe. "The experience tends to confirm that the number of abandoned animals in Spain would be reduced drastically if dates such as Christmas pets not acquire a whim, as if they were toys that later we leave."

animalCLAN also highlights the importance of giving animals adopted and not bought, which would help reduce the number of abandoned animals in protective can not cope. Before having an animal at home need to be aware of their needs and obligations must acquire oneself. Give it away is very risky, especially for him, who can end up abandoned.

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