• Tips to satisfy cravings in a healthy way

Tips to satisfy cravings in a healthy way

What do you mean cravings?

The body has many ways to let us know what you need. It has its own language and above all, how to interpret the owner of each. The main objective of the body is to be well: well hydrated, well-fed, well-rested, well-vented (empty bladder and colon) and well emotionally. Any necessity will do us know immediately, however, many reprimands ignore them for different reasons: lack of time, lack of inputs, social protocols, etc. Whether or not on a diet to lose weight, cravings often occupy our minds and distract us.

A craving could mean an emotional need, rather than food. It will be necessary to begin to observe in order to separate cravings nutritional causes of emotional. Usually when we are sick, sad, tired or feel lonely, how sweet our attention. If we are exhausted by the responsibilities, ice cream or a palette we are comes to mind.

When inner strength we need protein, whereas if we are bored, salty, sour or spicy seems to us. This is generally every person may have cravings for certain very specific emotion. We may also crave habit. If every Sunday going for ice cream or fruit breakfast every morning, the mind will get used to ask when something reminds us of the morning or afternoon on a Sunday.

 As for the nutrients if we crave chocolate, we need magnesium, chromium or complex B. Sweets can mean thirst, magnesium and chromium. Bread means that we seek something that gives us energy and fiber. As salty foods, the body requires water with electrolytes. Fried foods are associated with fat and calcium.

However, you should be aware that any craving that has nothing to do with the food, as will happen after about 10 minutes if we concentrate on an activity for a short time, where we can initiate, develop and complete the task at hand, cravings usually disappear and will be easier to identify what we really need.

Eating is one of the great pleasures that gives us life, crave is very natural and meet them is a personal mischief while is a great way to identify what is really asking for our body. If we understand our physiological needs, we will be more calm, relaxed and focused on our personal, social and professional life.

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