• Tips to revolutionize the way we dress

Tips to revolutionize the way we dress

The dress inevitably reflects the personality; It is through the wardrobe that humans express and show that personalized and unique touch that everyone has.

However, for many men the subject of fashion, combinations and styles to the choice, it becomes a boring or many exaggerated, preferring to fall into the abyss of immediacy, leaving behind elements that are critical to achieving shocking and striking image.

Therefore he met fashion designer Fernando Rincon, of the renowned brand Gino Passcalli on these fundamental aspects to consider when choosing your wardrobe.
The costumes are a set from head to toe, clothing is a projection of our way of being and seeing the world, it is extremely important to consider all the items and not leave any of them loose, or not incorporated into the overall package.

The shirt is decisive, it is a leading garments for men, since through it can express the style you want to look, choose a shirt with long sleeves, in a monotone; projecting leadership, elegance and formality.
But if instead shirts are used in two or more colors, more easygoing and informal image is projected, but even if the shirt is short sleeved.

The pants
Choosing the right pants for the look we want to use is a key success factor. The pants should not compete in the limelight with the shirt, if colors are used pants, the shirt must be of a single color and without patterns, preferably white or according to the color of the pants.

Footwear is often one of the most overlooked factors in the male wardrobe, an element that many men overlook the pretext of feeling comfortable with shoes forever; however this is one of the first details that every woman looks for in a man immediately.

The footwear reflects the integrity of the look and is the element that denies or confirms proper personal presentation. In the closet of a man must have a pair of black shoes, some coffee and a third pair of gray or blue shoes.
 Additionally sports shoes and if it is within our means, have a color range wider and more varied footwear. This adequately complement the look and refresh your image daily.

Take advice
Have adequate counseling is vital for optimal management of the image, it may use various media or visit specialty shops in advising fashion, such as Almacenes Gino Passcalli, where you will find a wide range of formal wear, informal and casual and also be able to customize garments to suit you, to always look good.
Recommendations to always be fashionable and updated with the latest trends and clothing samples.

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