• Tips to protect your home and family

Tips to protect your home and family

If you go travel at Easter do not forget to take some safety precautions for this time of reflection and recollection not end up becoming a bad memory.

During Easter many families often travel to enjoy the long holiday. In 2015, two million Peruvians toured the country. This absence of their homes, often exploited by criminals. According to police, thefts increased by 30 percent in these holidays.

Do not announce your trip Social Networks: criminals know you will not be at home. Make sure that no family posted on Facebook and Twitter.

Have your home appear inhabited: it is important to leave a light on or open to mislead thieves blind. It is preferable that this enabled phone voicemail. If this not to sound to reveal the absence.

Do not leave any vulnerable access: all doors and windows must be closed properly. Try having two locking points. In addition, it is advisable to install an internal lock on the garage door, to prevent a master control can open.

24/7 monitoring: It is recommended to install an alarm system connected to a central monitoring with police notification and your mobile devices. So you can be aware of what happens in your home while you're traveling.

Plan: If you already have an alarm, get organized with your family or close friends and let them a copy of the key entry. Contact the company that offers the service, so that contact with the people you designate.

These recommendations will assist this weekend it passes without worries.


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