• Tips so you will get the most out of the microwave

Tips so you will get the most out of the microwave

Heat through their meals, fast and healthy way as well save time and energy to heat food by following these simple tips.

Save time and energy
If you heat two dishes at the same time, it is best to place one above the other, using a plastic holder or an empty glass on which one of the plates is placed.

Avoid dry food
Ideally, put the dish in the microwave and next to it a small glass full of water, so the food retains moisture while heated. In addition, water absorbs radiation oven.

Cook steamed vegetables
Put the desired amount of vegetables in a glass bowl and cover with microwavable plastic. It is recommended that the vegetables are chopped and that we place uniformly on the surface of the container. Once they are cooked, cut a hole in the plastic so that the steam can escape.

Reheat food
To ensure that our hot dishes out evenly, it is best to place the food on a plate and make a circle in the center as a kind of ring, so the center of the dish is less heated.

Heat faster food
It is advisable not to put the dish in the center, because the oven has hot spots and cold spots. The edges of the turntable are best cooked, as the food goes through the various hot spots.

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