• Tips geeks to succeed the Day of Love and Friendship

Tips geeks to succeed the Day of Love and Friendship

Undoubtedly the technology can be our best ally in this Feb. 14, mainly because of its versatility and range. Here are some recommendations for the best way to explode if you do not know this day.

The first option, if you do not intend to be hanged between reservations and many people in public places, is to take advantage of Netflix or Clear Video. There are many movies that you can see without having to pay an extra dime. On the other hand, if you want to see a premiere never hurts to Google Play, Apple TV and even rental services in Xbox One or PlayStation 4 if you have these consoles.

Obviously you can not go without eating anything, here we suggest you use the application to Yelp to identify the places that are near you with services at home, although there are rare cases pizza, hamburger and other, already have their own applications order, here it's a matter of taste.

Now if what you plan is to make a good breakfast, lunch or dinner, do not forget the streaming music services to generate a good atmosphere as Deezer, Spotify Guvera or arming your own playlist or adopting one that fits your likes to acclimate whatever what you have prepared.

- If you want to do something special with a little over budget and to get along with all the geek touch, we recommend the Hue of Philips bulbs, they have many applications such as Huey or HueManic, that synchronize color and intensity according to the screen images from your favorite movie or sound leaning microphones smartphone, this surprises anyone.

-Another Recommendation could be, if you have a projector, stereo or wireless speakers, you armes a small room movie at some point outside or garden with a tablecloth or table, a good wine that you can search through the app "Vivino" and a selection of cheeses, meats or whatever you fancy.

If they're a group of friends could do a combination of any of the above plus a good session of Rock Band, Guitar Hero or other cooperative play with some kind of dynamic or challenge between each of the rounds.

And if you are someone who does not dare to give a detail of front or just want to surprise that day, there are a lot of services like www.floresdemexico.com which has a good range of choices and prices for gift giving at home .

-Finally, If you walk undecided, you could get a ticketing service online and look for something that fits your needs for February 14, there are many choices and especially for all budgets, from concerts of the National Symphony in fine arts, theater, ballet or theater.

The details of the desire and attitude, hoping that whatever your choice, incredible passes with your friends or partner this Valentine.

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