• Tips for getting the most out of Linkedin

Tips for getting the most out of Linkedin

This social network functions as your cover letter for millions of businesses. Linkedin is the main social network to find employment and currently over 400 million users. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to take advantage of this letter for millions of businesses.

For this reason here we left some tips to take full advantage of the benefits of this social network.

Open mail for a specific workplace issue

It is advisable to open an account with an email intended to employment for interesting information and do not miss emails between Facebook, Instragram, those of your friends and your shopping bills.

Do not forget to keep an eye on your inbox regularly for any company contacts you.

No one speaks better of you than your Linkedin profile

Do not skimp when you try to update your Linkedin profile. Explains in great detail and adornment who you are, what you do, your work speaks of recent achievements, experiences and skills. Obviously cares that your grammar and spelling are perfect.

Put your full name, photograph professional cutting, address, languages ​​you know and the labor sector to which you belong, noting dates, skills and descriptions of the work performed. also complete extract, a summary where you can summarize your professional profile on Linkedin. also fills courses, patents or certifications that you own.

Import contacts from your mail and get recommendations

Do not forget to import contacts from your email: your acquaintances and co-workers, expand your profile and start your way among users.

Join Linkedin groups that are of interest and whose theme is related to your sector. In the Network> Contacts section you can view your aggregate and filter them in different ways. Have your constantly updated agenda and requests specific recommendations for businesses and professionals with whom you have worked. It also modifies the Communications Settings section so that, if a company you interested in you, you can contact with you does not belong to your network.

Customize your profile URL

Linkedin gives you the option to customize the URL of your public profile through the option called Edit Profile.

When you locate your link, put your name, your company or your personal brand on Linkedin. So, your account will have a more professional dimension, will be identified more easily and can achieve greater prestige among users of the social network.

Use advanced search

It is a kind of search that you can choose different filters to limit the results and find what you need.

The'll find top search bar on your Linkedin profile. Once there, you can enter data in the form of keywords, name, company or location and pinpoint different relationship options, sector or languages. It is very useful if you are looking for information about companies or employees with specific characteristics.

Use keywords to SEO

The search engine positioning is also important in Linkedin. To carry it out you must search for keywords or keywords related to your work sector for which you want people to find or identify you. Mostly used the head of your profile to include them.

Remember that if you manage your keywords properly, your account can go in the top of the search engines and therefore can meet more easily.

Create a profile in another language

The social network already includes the option Register in another language, with a dropdown where you can choose the one you want by filling the fields that have already completed your first language again. By having multiple, you get a URL for each, so we advise you to customize as indicated above.

Take advantage of the tools offered by this social network and optimize your job search. Luck!

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