• The new Samsung Galaxy S7 as WSJ

The new Samsung Galaxy S7 as WSJ

The next Samsung flagship phone will come with a new pressure-sensitive screen and a new security method, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

According to sources of the Journal, the Galaxy S7, known informally as the phone, you will also have a new ultra fast charging port and add a new security method: retina scanner. The report also said that Samsung will launch the Galaxy S7 in March, refuting earlier rumors that the phone would be launched in January or February during the Mobile Devices World Congress (MWC for its acronym in English).

WSJ says the retinal scanner would only be for a premium model of the Galaxy S7. However, with three months remaining for the supposed release date, it is likely that Samsung discard the plan to place the new bio-metric scanner. The Galaxy S6 --and their variants-- already includes a bio-metric fingerprint reader.

The Galaxy S7 would also have a variant with curved sides and called Galaxy S7 Edge, the newspaper said. The new Samsung phone adds the WSJ, would the pressure-sensitive screen and it would be very similar to the iPhone screen with 3D technology 6S Apple announced in September. This type of screen is able to detect the force exerted and display a submenu with secondary actions.

As for the port, The Wall Street Journal says that is a USB Type C, which would make the Galaxy S7 able to charge the battery fully in just 30 minutes. The report says that the version without curved sides have support for microSD cards. The Journal points out that the camera, improved low-light scenes, no longer protrude from the back of the device.

In CNET in Spanish we have a constantly updated section where we add the latest rumors and details that mention the Galaxy S7. If you are interested in the next Samsung phone, add your favorite site to visit and discover the news.

On Monday, the blogger Evan Blass announced that Samsung is likely to launch four versions of S7 Galaxy: Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S7 and S7 Edge Plus Plus. The report, however, does not yield more details, but clearly seems a continuation of what the company already won the S6, which also has versions Edge and Edge Plus.

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